Never Complain Of the Couch Eating the Remote Again With the L5 Remote

small_101028-L5-Remote-iPhone4.jpgThe L5 Remote, released by L5 Technology and debuted in 2010, can be used with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.  It connects to your device with a universal dock connector.   L5 Remote is a tiny accessory and free app (from iTunes App Store) that acts as a  powerful universal remote, helping you control the cable box, TV, DVR, DVD, and most devices that come with an IR remote.  The L5 does not need WiFi, batteries, or external batteries to run.  After plugging in the accessory and downloading the app, you can drag and drop any buttons to customize, keep the ones you want and delete the ones you don’t.   Then select a signal to each button by pressing the same button on your old remote while pointing in at the L5 Remote.  The L5 will study the signal and store it in your device.  Once you are using your L5 Remote, stash away your old remotes.

L5 Remote needs to be within 1 foot of old remotes for programming and then can be used as your universal remote with a transmitting range of up to 30 feet.  Input/output technology is infrared and input carrier frequency is 29-58 kHz.  L5 Remote capacity: holds up to 100,000 buttons and holds up to 1000 rooms.  List price for the L5 Remote is $60.

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  2. “L5 Remote is a tiny accessory” … which will instantly be devoured by your couch as soon as it is disconnected from the iPhone/iPod/iPad!

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