Saddleback Leather Belts. Keep your Pants Up or Tow a Train…

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Saddleback Belt 1“They’ll Fight Over It When You’re Dead”

Well hopefully they’ll be the same waist size or smaller than me in that case.

Saddleback Leather has just released their range of Full Grain Leather  belts.

Available in 32″ to 40″ and in their standard colours , these 1.5″ belts have removable buckles, adjustable length and are made up of 3 different layers for strength and durability.

Their standard 100 year warranty applies.

Available from Saddleback Leather Company (affiliate link) for $93.00

7 thoughts on “Saddleback Leather Belts. Keep your Pants Up or Tow a Train…”

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  2. Really now — whatever do this belt have to do with GADGETS? Or does the buckle have a secret USB flash drive? We know that Gadgeteer writers like their leather freebies, but enough is enough. Let’s keep our eye on GADGETS, shall we???

    1. @Jerry You’ve been around here long enough to know that we’re not JUST about gadgets. 😉 We’re about all things interesting. We have quite a few Saddleback / gadget fans, so telling them about a new Saddleback offering doesn’t seem wrong in the grand scheme of things.

  3. @Bruce: Are you sure you got real leather for $12? Or is it art, or italian leather? I am not saying this $12 belt is bad, but comparing it with Saddleback quality will be inappropriate (I can say it is of inferior quality without even looking at it). It also comes with no guarantee – what if it breaks during your most important day, and you have nothing to hang your pants by? 😉 Saddleback has quality, and you pay for it. At least you are not paying for the “brand” like Fendi, or Gucci, or D&G! 🙂

    Leather develops character with age, and everyone of us wants to own something that will last forever, and develop a personality – personality that derives inspiration from its user. I find my Saddleback wallet exactly mimics me as a person, which is why I find it much satisfying, and appealing to use.

    Oh, and you can actually “boast” of the toughness and quality with Saddleback, and also have a competition (whose belt breaks first?). 🙂

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