FoxLV2 Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker Now Available for Cars & Bikes

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We all know that using a hands-free device (speaker or headset) in our cars is great safety advice, not to mention the fact that not using one can be illegal in some states. The FoxLV2 Hi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker will work fine in your car, but it will also work on your bike! Hey, it’s important to be hands-free on them too right? The FoxL (pronounced fox-ul) is a pocked-sized rev 2.2 Bluetooth speaker that features:

“foxL’s patented “Twoofers,” “BassBattery,” and other technologies.  foxL provides amazingly smooth deep bass and an “open & airy” listening experience that provides iPhones, iPads and other Bluetooth devices with the superior sound quality”

The FoxLv2 Bluetooth hi-fi speaker is priced at $199 and the mounts are priced at $65 for the Vehicle Bracket Mounting System and $49.95 for the Universal Bicycle Mount from Soundmatters.

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