Splat Stan…the Ultimate Coaster

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This is so wrong...on a deliciously wicked level
There’s just not a lot to say about this other than… I want one.  This is the ultimate in Cool Cubicle Gear.

Splat Stan could be your boss, that brown-noser who always kisses the boss’ ass or that troublemaker who isn’t happy unless she’s complaining about something or causing some kind of trouble.

Whatever he is, he’s keeping your coffee comfy cozy from making stains or scratches on your desk or wherever you put him which should make self-appointed office Coffee Nazis somewhat happy.

Designed by SUCK UK, (I am NOT kidding… go here) Splat Stan is made of … well.. rubber.  There’s not a whole lot to him other than weird looks from co-workers and envy from others who wish they would have thought of it first.  Splat Stan…imagine the conversations this will start.

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