Remember Your Wedding Anniversary with the Remember Ring

Hey guys!  Do you have trouble remembering your wedding anniversary?  Have you ever had a near-death experience because you forgot it and want to make sure it never happens again?  Alaska Jewelry has just the life-saving equipment you need!  The Remember Ring looks like a typical man’s wedding ring, but it has a thermopile inside that converts the heat of your hand into electricity to power a tiny microchip clock inside.  When you order the ring, you specify your wedding date or a special birthday to be programmed into the microchip clock.  Every year, 24 hours before the special day, the Remember Ring has a Hot Spot that heats up to 120 degrees F for 10 seconds – hot enough to be painful enough to notice, but not so hot to cause a burn.  It will continue to heat up every hour until the specified date, so you’ll remember to get a card and a present.  The Remember Ring is made of 14k white and/or yellow gold in your choice of seven styles.  The Remember Ring is waterproof and impact resistant and comes with a lifetime warranty.  It is available in sizes 10-13 and costs $760 dollars.

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7 thoughts on “Remember Your Wedding Anniversary with the Remember Ring”

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  2. I can have Google Calender do this for free. Or you know, be an ADULT and remember the day myself. Lovely bit of tech and a really stupid idea.

  3. might as well inject you with a poisoned needle if it detects that you forgot to buy flowers. ’cause all the florist shops will have a sensor and you must be in one for more than 10 minutes in order to deactivate the lethal injection.
    a perfect waste of otherwise good technology.

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