Kinekt Design’s Gear Ring Review

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The Gear Ring from Kinekt Design arrived in a nifty black and silver ring box along with a playful warning note of “Please Enjoy Responsibly”. I would soon discover they weren’t kidding. Upon first inspection, the ring simply looked cool in design, but once I started spinning its outer rims, I was completely mesmerized by the way all the gears turned in perfect unison. It became rather addicting almost instantaneously and has since proven to be quite an attention getter! Sometimes I play with it while it’s on my finger and spin it with another finger and other times I remove it and use both hands. Both create their own unique feeling but with a similar level of satisfaction.

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The Gear Ring is made out of a high quality stainless steel which is known to be durable and resistant to tarnishing, fading, and scratching. The video on their website allows you see the ring in action.

It weights 0.4 ounces and the smaller sizes should weight less. I do not find the ring to be too heavy to wear on my size 11 finger.

The ring definitely feels sturdy and I do not think it will fall apart after hours of spinning. Besides, the Lifetime warranty would kick in, if something were to happen.

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Included in the reasonable price tag of $165 is free worldwide shipping and a lifetime warranty. For hours upon hours of awesome distraction, I say it’s well worth it. As their website also states they are always striving to bring us new unique products, I personally can not wait to see what is next as I believe the Gear Ring has certainly accomplished this goal.


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  2. I saw this somewhere else on the web and immediately thought it very cool. It’s got ‘gadget’ written all over it! I hope Kinekt comes out with some more cool stuff like this.

  3. I bought this ring and LOVE it. I got the wrong size twice (my fault) and support was amazing. I had my new ring within a week. Fun ring to play with in those boring meetings. A must have for any gear head.

  4. Beautiful design – would like to see a more feminine complementary ring now specifically for smaller/daintier (IOWs female) hands – please.

    Still want one now tho’ lol

  5. I saw this same ring in Taipei in 1967 while on R&R from Viet Nam. It was made of carbon tool steel instead of stainless and came in only one size. I haven’t thought about it until I saw a TV ad tonight.

  6. Excellent ring, people love it. The only problem I have is the damn thing keeps falling apart. I have had 2 rings break in a month now. Total POS. And as far as having a lifetime waranty thats nice, but my wife isn’t too happy and neither am I when I don’t have my wedding band for a week.

  7. I have some experience in manufacturing and know most jewelry is cast. This item does not look to be cast. My gf has chains/necklaces that break and the company we got it from does not even offer to fix or replace it. I wear Diesel jewelry and their spring load clasp breaks and when I emailed them, they said it was my fault. I think this also applies to new car purchases, some do have issues while the vast majority do not. From their website they are new so batch process is what they are most likely using. If there is an issue with assembly during that batch, then in theory you will have a problem. The main question here is when you email them do they get back to you and take care of it? If so, then i agree it is a pain but at least they are addressing it.

  8. I got one of your rings as a gift. I am a “gearhead”. A lifetime love of cars. This fits with my interests perfectly. I am extremely pleased with the quality and design of the ring. The first time I wore it in the clerk at the cash register took note. She also called another over to see. Needless to say I hoped they had friend or husband who would appreciate gears. Thanks again, I am very happy customer, thanks to my wife.

  9. I am wondering if this ring would be sturdy enough for someone who works on cars a lot. My fiance really loves this and would like to have this as his wedding band but I am afraid that if he is working with it, grease or something may get caught in the gears and eventually just become a mess. Please give me some feedback if you have experience wearing this ring.

  10. I know from their FAQ they mention removing jewelry when working with machinery. That makes sense to me since you do not want anything to get stuck. I know 316L is durable and easy to maintain and remove grease from as well.

  11. I had tryed to sell some of there gear rings using eBay and there company complained in till they got ebay to suspend my account saying that they are counterfeit do not buy there products this company is a on going scam

  12. Re: l2usty posting … Lies and more lies from a counterfeiter who got caught in act. Just as the website sites, the patented ring is exclusive to the kinekt design website and no where else.

  13. Janet Cloninger

    @M.Mansinon That’s a question you’ll have better luck asking at Kinekt’s customer service.

  14. I saw it in a motorcycle magazine, showed my wife and she surprised me with it. My wedding band was taking a beating and wanted to use this as my band. I’ve had it for over 3 years now and enjoy it daily. I haven’t had any problems with it. Great product.

  15. I’ve been wanting thhis ring for quite some time now. My wife got it for me on my birthday. I can only say, WOW!!!!!.
    Absolutely satisfied, and would buy it again. I plan to wear it for the rest of my life, or until I wear it out. Way to go Kinekt !!!

  16. I bought this ring for my husband and had to contact customer service several times and the support and feedback was quick and amazing. I wish this company great success in it’s future products.

  17. Like another commenter, I had to exchange this ring twice for a smaller size, even using the sizing chart on the website and checking the scale carefully. But all of my emails have been answered within minutes — not sure if that is a fluke! and Kinekt has not charged me for the new shipping fees (even though I live in Asia). Couldn’t ask for better customer service — friendly, personal, helpful.

    Can’t fully comment on the ring itself yet, as my son hasn’t been able to wear it yet (the third size will arrive soon). But he can’t wait — it’s a beautiful product.

  18. My fiancé and I saw this ring a couple months back. As he is an engineer, I thought it would be lovely for his wedding ring.

    Due to the distraction and stress of wedding planning in a hurry, I ordered it to be delivered to an old address. Kinekt staff was incredible with their help! They really bent over backwards to make sure we got the right size, on time, to the right address.

    With so many businesses out to make a quick buck, it is awesome to feel true customer support and speedy resolution! They are absolutely fantastic, and the ring itself has made quite an impression.

  19. Can’t say enough good things about Kinekt’s customer service. I had to return TWICE a gear ring I bought for my son (I do quibble with the usefulness of the two sizing methods offered because despite all care, we had to reorder twice). They were personable and incredibly prompt in answering emails — early in the morning and late at night — and both times did not charge me for the postage in sending out the replacement sizes. My son now has a ring that fits, and despite the back-and-forth to get it, I’m thoroughly impressed with the company.

  20. Hi,
    My wife bought me a gear ring for Christmas and unfortunately, we had managed to get the measurement of my finger wrong, so the ring was huge on my finger.
    Since then, Kinekt have changed the ring for a smaller size.
    The ring itself if fantastic and is a real conversation stopper but the customer service from Kinekt is second to none, I have never had better customer service from any company either here in the UK or in the USA.
    Hope to see more products soon.

  21. Saw this ring in a Rolling Stone Magazine ad. Went on their website and fell in love with the ring. I’m a woman and love cars but am feminine. I ordered this ring and am looking forward to it. I don’t like diamonds and have ADD so makes perfect sense. So far their customer service has sold me even before I have received the product.

  22. Akoijam Sushil Singh

    hi guys i am from India, i want to buy this Kinekt’s Gear Ring so i look at all India’s online shopping site but i didn’t find this product. so anyone please help me to get this product.

  23. My partner and I are both gearheads and he got me one for my Christmas this year – no problem sizing it and it arrived it good time. I love it! I am always fidgeting with it and it has had many comments. I either play with it on my finger it take it off and play with it with both hands – highly addictive and wonderfully distracting. I got the gun metal one but would love the whole set! Great product so far!

  24. Not worth the money. My Kinekt ring has broken at least four times and had to be sent back under their “lifetime warranty” that will require you to send $10 to Kinekt as well as cover shipping costs. Andy at Kinekt doesn’t care that their rings are poorly designed and they refuse to cover any shipping costs either way. Ring is poorly designed…..and I’m a mechanical engineer for 25+ years.

  25. I bought this ring as a wedding ring in 2013 and loved it. Unfortunately gears started falling out within 5 years of owning it. I contacted customer service, but was told that because I did not have the delivery address they sent it to upon ordering they could not replace the ring. They claim it is counterfeit even though I bought it from their website and it has their engraving on it. Kind of sucks I can’t wear the ring I have picture of myself wearing. I guess the moral of this story is to not rely on your college email address to save old emails, remember your college address for 5+ years.

    1. Update*
      Just got off the phone with Kinekt Customer Service. It appears that the crux of the problem was the name and/or address of the purchasing party. Low and behold I didn’t buy the ring, my wives’ mother in law bought the ring because we were in our 20’s and poor college kids. The purchase was in her name, and address. I was not providing the correct name and address for them to find the transaction, but we were just able to get it sorted out. Thank you Gadgeteer for allowing us to sort through this problem on your comment section. It goes to show, not all comment sections are toxic pits of despair. Ya never know when a handy customer service rep may reach out, and try to fix the problem.

  26. I LOVE my Kinekt gear ring. After 6 years of daily wear and innumerable spinning, sadly one side has come off. Luckily, I could still find my paypal receipt, sent a warranty enquiry at 8.40 am here in Australia. Andy from Kinekt responded with 5 minutes – twice! once with the warranty claim form, and then again to tell me it was 7pm, when I asked what time it was over there. So, I hope the repair goes as quickly/smoothly as the customer service. I think it’s a great product, I cannot emphasise how much I spin the gears on the ring – I’m going to miss it every day until I get it back!

    1. I wanted to say the Kinekt did repair my ring – in fact I really think they just sent me a new one – either way, I’m happy to have my gear ring again!
      (Covid slowed postage, and then I got distracted from giving this update – I guess it took about 2 months, sending from Australia to US, repair (or replace) then mailing back to me)

  27. With most if not all products with moving parts there are good eggs and bad eggs. I cannot speak to the customer service because I have never needed it. Six years since i bought my ring and i work with my hands ALOT! My ring is high quality! It has taken a beating and stayed true!

  28. Claire Louise Mcqueen

    Please watch this company – they are disgusting scam artists. Purchased 2 gear rings and completed measurements and ordered as per their advice. Rings arrived and were too small. Paid the postage to ship back to America as they agree to replace for next size. Next size came and both rings are miles too big. I emailed them again to Andy who eventually answered and said no problems if I return they will refund. I paid the postage and contacted again on web chat for a phone number and have been speaking to someone who is just disgusting now saying they won’t refund as I purchased in the sale! They were not in the sale! Absolutely disgusting company

  29. The rings are awesome. The sizing method on their website is inaccurate to say the least. If a problem arises and you get the pleasure of speaking to Glen, good luck, the guy should not be doing customer service. They send out emails with sales that change prices almost daily, invite customers to “make offers” then act insulted when offers are made. It may be only Glen that is a problem as I have not spoken with any other employees of the company. I actually had to block Glen from my email because he was being insulting. If you decide to buy a ring from them, go to a jewelry store and get sized properly. Good luck if you need any help after ordering!

  30. Like many review that I have read, I too had good experience with this company in its earlier years.
    Great rung.

    But the last 2 rings I bought (more in a bit about that) were made of a cheaper material than my original earlier purchase.

    I too bought a ring during a sale. Sizing was wrong on their web site, and ring number 2 was too small.

    I ordered a second in a larger size, but was again sent the same size as the first one.

    I ate the cost of the first mistake, but asked for an exchange or refund on the second mistake.

    Glens reply was they were busy, so won’t exchange. I could though buy a 3rd replacement at the discount price.

    After not accepting that, emails from Glen quickly became very rude and personal.
    He actually took the time to search for a LinkedIn in my name and sent a photo and link. Felt very threatening.

    I strongly suggest you stay away, as he seems quite unhinged.

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