Build Your Own 35mm Camera

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If you are a photography buff or just like to build things, check out the Plamodel build-your-own working 35mm camera with a 28mm lens.  You simply snap together the plastic parts in the DIY camera kit from Japanese design house SuperHeadz.  This could be a fun project for you to do with a younger child who’d like her own camera.  Unicahome has a plain black model for $17.00, or a “custom moriyama special edition cow model” with a picture of a cow on the body of the camera for $27.00.

4 thoughts on “Build Your Own 35mm Camera”

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  2. This is actually kinda a cool idea. It’d be kinda fun to do this, and would be very cool for a bunch of other stuff, build your own MP3 Player. Build your own Mobile Phone (ok this would suck as a phone, but be a cool project, and great to combine multiple projects into one).
    But An Extra 10 bucks, for a Cow?

    Don’t have a cow dude.

  3. Wow. A picture of a cow on my camera. And for only $10 more?

    Wasn’t this supposed to be posted yesterday?

  4. Janet Cloninger

    @No One – LOL!

    @Baldspot – No, that cow picture isn’t a joke. I would prefer to TAKE pictures with my camera, so I’d rather save that extra $10 to buy some more film.

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