“Aunt Flo’s” Next Visit? There’s an App for That

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Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

alt12To start with, I’m not a big cell phone fan.  In fact, I have a reproduction of a turn of the century candlestick phone…you  know.. the kind where you hold the earpiece to your ear but speak into a mouthpiece mounted on a slender structure?

It works just fine for me.  I dislike talking on the phone that much.  I keep it short and simple.  On a cell phone it’s even shorter.  I’m not one to gab while driving or text while driving or walk around the mall or sit in a restaurant or walk around the grocery store yakking into my cell phone.  If it’s that important, email me.  At least I can use my hands to take down information without having to try to cradle my flat Palm Pixi.

Having said that, today’s smart phones do have their uses.  I keep my Palm Pixi with me because I have a GPS, tip calculator, regular calculator, To Do List, weather thingy, eBook reader, calendar,  and a Hangman game application on it.   And ladies, I also have a neat, handy dandy “other calendar” on it.  This calendar is called “Pink Pad” and it’s an application that tracks a woman’s monthly period.

If you’re a guy and the mere mention of a menstrual cycle gives you the willies, feel free to bag out of this review now.  What follows is simply a “woman thing” and four out of five you would not understand.

Pink Pad from Alt12 Apps is an application that allows you to track your menstrual cycles from their onset.  It allows you to notate the heaviness or lightness of your flow during your cycle, track cramping, mood, amorous feelings and journalize your overall well being during this time.  It features a daily, weekly and monthly view and predicts when your next cycle is most likely to show up, how many days until your next cycle is likely to appear,  what your most fertile days are and what day you are most likely to be ovulating.  For those who use this application and become pregnant, it tracks and journalizes your gestation.

Montly View of Pink Pad

This is a monthly view of the Pink Pad Application. The darkness of the pink dots on the calendar days will notate how heavy your cycle is based your on determination of light, medium or heavy flow. The flowers notate fertile days and flower with the dark center notates the day you are most likely to be ovulating. Any date with a circle notates those days when you have journalized more information.

Pink Pad Days Predicter

Home Page View of the Pink Pad Cycle predictor. This will alternately show how many days left in an active cycle, date of estimated next cycle and next fertile days. Screenshots courtesy of House of Palm. com

Many women already know when their cycles will appear due to being on birth control pills.  With all of the bad press surrounding certain birth control medicines and for those women for whom the pill is not option due to religious reasons, medical reasons (the pill actually makes me sick) or wanting to become pregnant, Pink Pad is nice little handy helpful predictor.  It downloads for $4.99 at House of Palm.com.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Alt12 Apps
Retailer:House of Palm
  • Nice way to track a menstrual cycle and/or to be given a good idea of when it show up again. Nice to have an idea of ovulation days and fertile days without having to resort to expensive over-the-counter tests.
  • able to notate flow
  • able to notate cramping
  • nice application to chart issues and complications with one's menstrual cycle.
  • None

4 thoughts on ““Aunt Flo’s” Next Visit? There’s an App for That”

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  2. How backwards compatible is the prixi? There is a freeware app that does essentially the same thing called Lunar and was still available on Freewarepalm.com last I check. This product came out in 2004 and is still a staple for my wife and I (for her – health reasons; me – so I’ll know when to walk on thin ice!)

  3. The pixi can run _most_ old PalmOS applications, under an emulator. But only under the emulator: WebOS is a completely new OS, based on linux, and has nothing in common with PalmOS.

  4. Elizabeth Daugherty

    Robert, so glad to know you are familiar with this product. However as a reviewer, I was not. I like the product and I am sure that there are other female Pixi users who are pleased to know such an app exists… free or not.

    I believe what you are talking about runs on PalmOS and not WebOS. Pixi runs WebOS. In order to run PalmOS applications you would have to purchase Classic, an PalmOS emulator to run Lunar for free on Pixi. Last I heard, Classic ran about $30.00.

  5. And I was just lamenting that there is no good webos app for tracking a cycle. Very timely review, thank you!

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