Thumbthing Uthful for Readerth

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Theemth kind of thilly, but thith ith a really neat idea.  The ThumbThing ($4) gives you a convenient method to hold a paperback book open for reading with just one hand, or for just helping to keep the book open.  Don’t think it works on E-Readerth, though.

10 thoughts on “Thumbthing Uthful for Readerth”

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  2. A really great idea. I can think of many situations where this is useful:

    Riding on the subway. One hand hold the pole, the other the book.

    Moms bottle feeding a baby. One hand holds the bottle, the other the book.

    Cooks stirring the soup. One hand holds the spoon, the other the book. (Which could be a recipe book.)

    Waiting on line at the grocery store. One hand pushes the cart, the other holds the book.

    The list is endless.

    But I do think the price is too high. It should be $1.50 each or 4 for $5.00.

  3. Not as neat, but definitely cheaper and more ghetto, an ice cream stick ( cleaned ) or even a twig will probably work.

    It’s been a really long time since I held a paper book in my hand, but I usually hold the book in my left hand with the thumb on the left page and my pinkie finger on the right page, and the middle 3 fingers behind the book supporting the spine. This holds the book open using just 1 hand.

  4. @chris

    I was considering purchasing one of these until you mentioned the popsicle stick (as they are called here) and realized I could easily make my own, even if I wanted it shaped nicely.

    As for holding it, my way is really close to yours, but has 2 fingers behind and 2 on the right page… Mainly because those 2 fingers don’t really work well independently for me.

    After comparing the tool, the stick and the method I already use, I like my existing method best.

  5. I actually bought something similar to this a few years back (at Heathrow Airport in London). It takes a bit to getting used to and in the end I simply ditched it to use both my hands to read the book.

  6. By the looks of the model’s hand, it seems the hole in that thing is rather small. I don’t think my thumb would fit. Which of course leads to the notion that maybe I don’t need one anyway.

  7. I love reading, so a few months ago when I’ve seen in a shop the ThumbThing, I bought one, I found it innovative. Anyway, I still can’t get used with it, probably it’s me, or maybe there is something more that can be done about it, or maybe I should keep trying it.

    @Bruce H&Buffet: It comes in different sizes for your thumb, I bought an S, but there were M, etc…

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