Is your fiance cheap – GemOro tells you if your diamond is fake

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gemoroLadies, start out your wedded life together on the right foot. Check to see if your spouse-to-be is a big fat liar and bought you a fake diamond ring. 😉 The GemOro ULTRAtester is a small handheld battery powered device that instantly verifies the authenticity of a diamond and detects the presence of moissanite and cubic zirconia, the two most common diamond simulants. The handheld unit uses thermal and electrical conductivity testing, the same verification methods used by gemologists, to determine if a stone is a natural diamond or a counterfeit.

3 thoughts on “Is your fiance cheap – GemOro tells you if your diamond is fake”

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  2. Am I the only person to think this is a great way to introduce strain into a relationship? All that suspicion about your spouse-to-be can’t be healthy. Unless you’re a diamond trader, I don’t see the necessity for this.

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