WriteSHIELD C² Premium Screen Protection Kit Review

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Product Requirements:
One of the PDAs or Tablet PCs listed
on this page

The large gorgeous screen on the new
iPAQ hx4700
was one of the biggest deciding factors for my purchase. For the
first couple of days after I received the PDA, I did not have a screen protector
installed. Every time I went to touch my stylus to the screen, I practically
held my breath – afraid that this might be the time when I would leave a
scratch. As worrisome as using an unprotected screen was, I did grow to
appreciate how beautiful the display appeared with nothing covering it. This
reinforced my long held opinion that the clearer the protector, the better.

Since the 4700 was so new, none of my usual screen protector sources had any
available yet that would fit. Leonard with
Pocket PC Techs was kind enough to
ask me the dimensions of the PDA’s screen so that he could send out properly
sized samples in their new

Premium Deluxe Screen Protection Kit

It has been some time since I reviewed
the WriteSHIELD line form PPC
Techs, and while I had been happy with the anti-glare of the AG line before, I
knew that I did not want anything that would dull this new iPAQ’s brilliance. I
needn’t have worried, for I was soon to find out that the C²
line is, as the name implies, crystal clear.

Billed as "The best screen protector sold in the USA,"
The Deluxe Double Pack kit comes in a cardboard presentation box that includes
two WriteSHIELD™ C² screen protectors, two Klear Screen Wet Single packs, a
3.25" horse-hair brush, three plastic applicator/removal picks, an Optical
quality Micro Fiber cloth, a 2oz bottle of Klear Screen cleaner and fully
illustrated instructions.


Application was a breeze because everything I might need for a lint-free install
was included in the box. I used the horsehair brush to make sure that all of the
sides and corners of the screen were free from dust, lint or other foreign
matter, and then I wiped down the iPAQ’s screen with the Klear Screen wet and
dry wipes. The last step of prepping the screen was running the blue micro fiber
cloth over its pristine area to make sure that the entire surface was dry and
lint free.

Next, I pulled back the yellow tab on the protector to expose the top, or
writing surface of the protector.

Pushing down the sides of the C²’s
borders exposed the tacky side of the protector, which was to be placed against
the iPAQ’s screen. Working slowly and without exposing too much of the protector
until it was time to actually apply it, I lightly used my driver’s license as a
squeegee to ensure a completely bubble free installation.

Like most of the high end modern protectors, the C²
does not use old fashioned adhesives that can be damaging to a PDA’s screen.
Instead, a light tacky silicone-like backing holds the protector to the screen.
Because there is no traditional adhesive, the protector can be removed and
repositioned many times. This becomes especially important should a bit of lint
somehow find its way onto the screen while you are installing the protector. You
can simply lift the C² with one of the included plastic picks, and then use a
piece of transparent tape to lift away the offending grit.

Installed, the C² has a glass-like finish that
does not provide anti-glare properties, but that also does not change the
appearance of the PDA’s brilliant screen. All you see is the true color and
beauty, which is especially important when you have splurged on a VGA PDA.

Un-retouched photo of the iPAQ 4700’s screen with a C²
in place

As you can see by the dark Today screen I use, these protectors show
everything! If I had gotten a piece of lint or grit under a traditional screen
protector during the installation process, then I would have had to start all
over again. Since I live in dusty West Texas, I did manage to get a small piece
of "something" under the protector, but I was also able to immediately remove it
with the process I mentioned.

If you do a lot of writing on your PDA’s screen, then over time you may
notice little phantom lines appearing on the screen protector in your heavily
used areas. This is where the micro fiber cloth and the Klear Screen Cleaner
will come in very handy. A squirt of the long-lasting spray (I still have a
bottle from over a year ago) onto the cloth then used to wipe down the C²
protected screen will render the protector as new.

Fortunately for me, those few unprotected days did no real harm to my screen.
However, every day that anyone goes without a screen protector on their PDA is
another day when the inevitable may happen. Why take that chance? The

Premium Deluxe Screen Protection Kit
reasonably priced for the amount of time that it lasts and for all of the extras
that it includes. Considering the price of replacing a damaged PDA or Tablet PC
screen, the C²s, available from
Pocket PC Techs are cheap

Price: $36.99

Crystal clear protection
Glass-like writing surface
Long lasting, reusable and cleanable
Lots of extras in the kit that can be used in the future



Product Information

  • Crystal clear protection
  • Glass-like writing surface
  • Long lasting, reusable and cleanable
  • Lots of extras in the kit that can be used in the future
  • None

11 thoughts on “WriteSHIELD C² Premium Screen Protection Kit Review”

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  2. Having bought an hx4700 myself, I was concerned about my screen, as well; my screen protector of choice is the G2 ones from pdascreenprotectors.com. I had an inkling that the Toshiba e805 ones would fit (same size screen); however, the guys there are really bad at answering e-mail. I bought one anyways, and after a few days (air mail from Canada takes a _really_ long time, I’ve decided), I got antsy (what if it doesn’t fit?) and ordered the C2 kit.

    Lo and behold, I got the G2 protectors the day I ordered the C2 kit. I wrote back to PPCtechs, asking to cancel the order; apparently, they have the same issue with answering e-mails that the PDAscreenprotector people do, and a couple of days later, I got the “Your order has been shipped” type message. Ah crap 🙂

    Anyways, I’d like to report that the G2 protectors are a perfect fit, for those who dislike even the slight tackiness of the C2 protectors. I’ve found I’ve never been able to align those to my liking, so the G2’s have always been my favorites. In fact, the G2 install on the hx4700 went smoother than any other G2 install I’ve done (iPaq 3670, iPaq 5450, NR-70V, Treo 600) if you turn the PDA upside down first; the area under the D-pad apparently is pretty free as far as letting the screen protector slide under there.

    Just something for people to think about, that have the hx and want screen protection 🙂

  3. I grew impatient waiting for my HX4700 to be in stock so I ordered the Brando workshop Ultra Clear protector Plus screen protector because they did have them ready for shipment. When my HX4700 finally arrived I still had to wait 3 days for my Brando screen protectors, it was very hard to prevent possible abrasions and use the PDA so I left the PDA on the docking cradle for most of that time.

    The WriteShield sounds like it is in the same class as the Brando (per your reviews of both). The Write shield has the added advantage of cleaning supplies that may take some of the frustration out of installing the screen protector. I almost gave up on the installation, I had to wash the shield (a major task in itself) and de-lint it be for attempting another install. After about 5 attempts I was successful.

    Overall I am finding it is very necessary feature to have on an Industrial strength PDA like the HX4700. Now I am free to tap write and scribble away with piece of mind.

    I guess if I had any criticisms about the high end screen protectors it would be that there are not enough of them in the package to allow you a few to practice with.

    The other means of protection is a good quality case. The Piel Frama case I ordered finally came in today. I may be one of the first people in the USA to be receiving one for the HX 4700/4705. The case measures up to Piel Framas usual high quality standards. It really adds to the protection of the HX4700 as the larger weight and size seem to make the PDA more awkward to carry around.

  4. Dan, let me know how you like the Piel Frama when you get it.

    I have many cases coming in to review with the 4700, and I am pretty sure that it is one of them…but I may be wrong. :blink:

  5. Does the font keep switching from Times New Roman and looks like Tahoma on everyone else’s browser, or is it just me?

  6. Julie:

    everytime C^2 appears in the text, for the rest of that paragraph, the font switches from Tahoma to Times New Roman. Tell me I’m not that crazy yet!!!!!

  7. I read your review of the G2 back in 2001 and decided to try them. Since then, I’ve upgraded my PDA three times, and always looked to the G2 for its crystal-clear protection.

    Earlier this year I read the review for the C². Although they were almost 3 times as expensive as the G2, I trusted your glowing review and decided to try them. All I can say is that it must be nice to get these for free because they are rediculously overpriced! The Klear Screen cleaner kit sells for $9.95 (bottle, lg. micro Chamois, 6 Klear Kloths,2 Travel Singles and a Travel micro chamois), and the horse-hair brush is next to useless.

    I just ordered G2s again for my new X50v because I hate feeling ripped off!

  8. monica_reynolds wrote:

    it must be nice to get these for free because they are rediculously overpriced! I just ordered G2s again for my new X50v because I hate feeling ripped off!

    Point of clarification: While it is true that I have received samples of C2 protectors (and just about every other brand I’ve reviewed) in the past, it is also true that I have paid for quite a few G2s for various PDA models from my own pocket – including the set of two that I recently ordered to put back onto my 4700 after doing so many other brand’s screen protector tests.

    I can understand if you felt they were overpriced, but I would hardly call them a rip-off.

    I am glad to hear that the G2s are working well for you, that’s great news. :0)

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