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Name: Patrick Rozijn
Location : The Netherlands
Hobbies : Cycling, fitness, gadgets, reading, movies, SCFI

I am System Engineer and my work area is in Networks (LAN/MAN/WAN) and MS

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My portable gadget craze began 20 years ago when I bought my first handheld
computer. A sharp PC 1350 with memory expansion slots and a 4 line dot matrix
display with graphics capability. I had a lot of fun with it. I later sold that
model and upgraded it to the Sharp PC 1500A with a 4 color plotter unit. I still
have it but I haven’t used it for 15 years. My use of small portable computers
went quiet for a while when my father bought a 80286 IBM compatible pc in 1988.
I still bought small portable gadgets like walkmans and Discmans but on the
computer front it was quiet. Then suddenly in 1997 I saw a co-worker with a
Psion 3C. I was intrigued by the capability of the small device and bought a
Psion Siena. I disliked the keyboard immensely and exchanged it a few days later
for the Psion 3C. My computer gadget craze went in overdrive after that. I was a
big fan of Psion for a while but lost my faith in them and switched allegiance
to Palm and Microsoft. I do alot of data entry on my device so I prefer a built
in keyboard. I tried alot of palm sized devices but they just don’t work for me.
I always tell myself maybe the next palm size device will be different but
…… So I bought a Jornada 720. It works great and I have plenty of space for
all my music, data etc. I bought a Toshiba PC card 2Gb harddisk and a 128 Mb CF
card for it.

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My list of handheld computing devices:

Sharp PC 1350
Sharp PC 1500A
Psion Siena (sold)
Psion 3C (2Mb) (sold)
Psion 3A (256Kb) (bought it cheaply second hand and used it for backup) (sold)

Psion 5 (sold)
Psion 5MX (sold)
Psion Netbook (sold)
Psion Revo (sold)
Palm III (sold)
Psion 5 MX (sold) (just had to have a keyboard back)
Palm III XE (sold)
Casio E-115 (sold)
Casio E-125 (sold)
Handspring Prism (sold)
Casio E-200 (sold)
Sony Clie PEG-N770 (still own)
HP 720 Jornada (still own)

The gadgets I currently use alot are my laptop from the office (EVO600C), my HP
720 and my Canon S40 camera.

As a good Gadgeteer I already have my next purchase lined up. A Sony CLIÉ NX70V
with built in keyboard to replace my 770.


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