The tablet wars heat up: the ASUS Vivo Tab Note 8

asus tabletI never get tired of tiny Windows machines.  I’ve owned everything from the OQO to the Fujitsu UH100 to the Viliv N5 to the Dell Venue Pro 8.  Now ASUS has tossed its large hat into the 8″ Windows tablet right with its new offering, the Vivo Tab Note 8.  Available in 32 and 64 GB flavors, it packs a quad-core Atom processor, 2 GB of RAM and, amazingly, a Wacom digitizer stylus that actually fits into the body of the tablet!  Hear that, Microsoft???  The display is 1280X800 and the whole thing comes in at 0.8 pounds.  Windows 8.1 comes stock as well as the full versions of Office Home and Student.  There are a number of cases available on Amazon, including keyboard cases.  A steal at $299 for the 32GB model and $349 for the 64 GB edition.  Expandable as always with MicroSD.  The only USB is a Micro USB port but with a USB host adapter, you can use it with USB memory sticks and printers.  Available now from Amazon!

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Richard Kingston
I have owned – for a short while – a number of Windows 8, 8 inch tablets. They were all great for the Modern UI (“Metro”) apps. However, not one has given acceptable performance for a particular desktop application that would have been my main reason for purchase. I use a Bible application called Logos / Verbum. It is mostly text – about 5 GB – all linked and hyperlinked. On the 8 inch tablets it grinds to a halt – all of them. I believe the Asus uses a Z3740 processor. The Lenovo Thinkpad 8 inch uses the more… Read more »
It pays to look up the system requirements… The minimum may be within what even a mobile tablet could offer but the recommended is what you should look at for how much you need for the app to perform well and your Logo/Verbum Recommended Requirements are… Intel i5 Processor (or AMD equivalent) 6GB+ RAM Windows 8 DVD-ROM drive (only required for non-downloadable items) 1280X1024 display 1GB+ DirectX11 Compatible Video Card 30GB Free Space – Internal HDD Only (May require additional space depending on your library) Broadband internet connection A Bay Trail is only about 50% the performance of a Core… Read more »
James, Many thanks for that great reply. It was hugely informative and spot on!! Thanks. I agree, I was pushing the limitations of the device in order to have an 8 inch tablet with my application that did not need a wifi connection. I expected too much. But perhaps in 2015 they will come of age. Again, super reply, educational and much appreciated. Actually, I decided to sell my entire Logos/Verbum library on eBay. If it sells I will lose $1000, but at least get some money back. Not sold yet. I switched to a different application on an Applie… Read more »