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In a pinch for a minimalist wallet? Take a look at a CINCH wallet

on February 15, 2013 1:00 pm


From the ever growing minimalist wallet Kickstarter projects comes the CINCH wallet by Portsmith Co. The CINCH wallet consists of the backbone, made of either stainless steel or oak, and a black elastic keeper that wraps around the backbone to keep your wallet items together. The stainless steel version has the added benefit of being a bottle opener. The simple design paired with the choice of materials for the backbone will please almost any user. The CINCH wallet is currently seeking funding until Feb 18, 2013. A $20.00 pledge will get you a oak backbone and black elastic band; a $35.00 pledge will get you the stainless steel model. The CINCH is slated for delivery, if funded, in March 2013.


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