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Fluent Gmail

on March 1, 2012 12:00 pm

Fluent is a project being worked on by 3 Australian (Aussie..Aussie..Aussie..oi…oi..oi) ex-Google employees. Gmail content is presented in a web-based work-flow oriented stream rather than your traditional inbox format, which allows you to access items more quickly and efficiently. Ease of browsing attachments and searching is also addressed, as well as various other features. You can also work with more than one mailbox within the same window. ¬†While, ironically, it currently only works with their ex-employer’s Gmail, plans are to extend it to other email systems in the future.¬† It’s still in closed beta, but as someone who runs 4 Gmail accounts for different purposes, I’ll be watching this project very closely (and I’m waiting on the list for an invitation).

You can go on the waiting list for a signup on Fluent.


  1. 1
    Bob DeLoyd says:

    Wow way cool!
    Hopefully they can also make an App for Android and iPad; the email thingy for all tablets suck IMHO….
    Yeah Ian keep us updated on this. I’m clicking on the link now :)

  2. 2
    Ian Lim says:

    Much of the pity we’re never going to see this……. :(

  3. 3
    Bob DeLoyd says:

    Well dang that was quick!
    I signed up when you posted this article, but never did get an invite from them :(

  4. 4
    Ian Lim says:

    So did I when I first found them and also sent them an email saying I had 6 Gmail accounts and a reviewer for The Gadgeteer and a fellow Aussie and…….nothing :(

    maybe a good thing since they had to close down.

  5. 5
    Bob DeLoyd says:

    Yeah Ian you’re right, maybe it is a good thing :)

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