Record Your Underwater Adventures with the Pyle Snorkeling Master Watch

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Pyle is introducing a new item in their sports gear line – the Snorkeling Master Watch.  This watch is water-resistant to 10 atmospheres (330 feet), and it has a selectable sea or lake diving setting.  It measures your dive depth (up to 328 feet) with a resolution of 0.1 feet and water temperature (range of 14°F to 140°F) with an accuracy of 1 degree, and it displays this data onscreen with the dive duration.  It has an electro-luminescent backlight and a dive alarm that activates when emerging faster than 6m per minute.  The Snorkeling Master also keeps a log of your 100 most recent dives with the time and date, dive duration, maximum dive depth, minimum water temperature, and dive site indication.  The Snorkeling Master is available in green, black, or red for $215.99 or orange for $222.99.

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  • Patricia Moore October 6, 2014, 11:13 am

    Now, that’s something snorkelers must have. It’s the watch I recommended to my friend who is into the sport.

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