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Be in the movies with Yoostar

Think you would make a better Sarah Connor?  Or maybe you see yourself as a natural addition to Mad Men or Sesame Street?  With the Yoostar system, it’s possible to insert yourself as a character from one of your favorite movies and then share your scene-chewing with others.    Think of it as Rock Band …

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Does your child have an idea for a book?

Tikatok is an online book community where kids write, illustrate and publish their very own books. The site provides easy-to-use Web tools so that any child can become a published author and turn his story ideas into real books and incorporate his very own artwork as illustrations. Children can then take their book and share …

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Huru Humi Heidi and Friends

First of all– whoa— these are some horrifying  looking little  monsters toys.  The Huru Humi clan feature digital faces, a speaker built into the chest, and since they are marketed towards girls they of course must have interchangeable bodies/clothing and hair.  In a functionality they seem part tamagotchi and part neopet- you talk to them …

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At what age did you get your child their first cellphone?

Being one of the writers here at the-Gadgeteer and the father of the Gadgeteer Kid, I am wondering when you tech-savvy, gadget-junkies got your children their first cellphones??? The Gadgeteer Kid is nearing his eighth birthday and that got me thinking at what point should we get him his very own phone. We have various …

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Crazy folding spoons for kids

Hogwild Beetle Spoons and Sporks have a wacky design that allows the folded wings to rotate 180 degrees from the closed position to the extended and ready-to-use position. They are dishwasher safe and come with an individual travel case that slides neatly into backpacks, lunch boxes or picnic baskets. They just might help you bribe …

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Translator for infant cries

Would you pay $100 for a  device that could tell you why your infant is screaming his lungs out in the middle of the night? If you answered yes, then you need to check out the Cry Baby Analyser from ThinkGeek. It’s a small battery powered gadget that displays the temperature, humidity and uses advanced …

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iPlay Lift-Off Rocket Review

Ever since I was a kid geek, I wanted to be an astronaut.  What’s better than flying around space in a rocket?  Watching your kid play with a toy version! When given a chance to review some “kid” items from ThinkGeek, I jumped at the iPlay Lift-Off Rocket.

Star Kids Products Snack and Play Travel Tray Review

Imagine driving a vehicle with atleast one small child strapped in a car seat behind you.  The child is reading a book or playing with a doll and suddenly it drops to the floor of the car.  The child desperately wants that item but cannot reach it due to the safety restraints, so the child begins to cry …

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