Blackview Oscal is set to launch the world’s first rugged portable power station PowerMax 3600 for home and outdoor use

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SPONSORED NEWS – In today’s connected world, people’s reliance on electricity is growing by the day. Outdoor adventurers in the wild or households during unexpected power outages all require a dependable power source. However, the electrical grid can’t reach every nook and cranny, and at critical moments, a lack of power can cause inconvenience or even pose dangers. In these times, having a portable power station solution is the best fix.

As a leader in the rugged phone market, Blackview Oscal consistently prioritizes performance, eco-consciousness, design, quality, and service to ensure users can safely enjoy the thrill of exploration. Building on this ethos, after the global acclaim for the PowerMax 700 and 300 series, their R&D team will conduct countless tests and refinements to introduce the world’s first rugged portable power station PowerMax 3600, aiming to provide a premier power solution for both home use and outdoor living.

Let’s first explore why portable power storage is needed and how to choose the best one for your needs.

Why is a portable power station needed?

A portable power station is essential as it ensures homes remain powered during outages, allows families to combat rising energy costs through renewable energy use, and supports an eco-friendly lifestyle. For outdoor enthusiasts, it provides comfort by powering devices in remote locations, eases outdoor work, and is crucial for safety in emergencies. Whether at home or in the wild, a portable power station is key to a reliable, sustainable, and safe power supply.

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How to choose the best one for your needs?

To choose the best portable power station tailored for your needs, prioritizing both charging and usage is key. Choose a model with a large battery capacity that’s built for prolonged use, which is essential for meeting multi-day power needs. Additionally, aim for a unit that can charge rapidly, with a preference for those that can fully recharge in under 1.5 hours. Select a model that offers an abundance of outlets, ideally more than 10, and boasts an output power greater than 1000 watts to efficiently serve high-demand appliances. A swift UPS switchover, less than 10 ms, is crucial for keeping your devices operational during power disruptions. Durability is also paramount, ensuring the power station functions in extreme temperatures ranging from -20°C to 55°C to withstand any climate. Opt for a battery with a lifespan of over 10 years for longevity, and consider the convenience of smart remote control features for ease of use. Above all, the durability of the power station is the linchpin to ensure it stands the test of time.

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Moving on, let’s now see why Blackview Oscal PowerMax 3600 stands out as the prime choice.

To tackle the challenges of power outages and off-grid living, Blackview Oscal has spent years meticulously developing PowerMax 3600—a powerhouse set to debut with an impressive up to 57,600Wh capacity, 32% larger than standard models, capable of sustaining household appliances for up to 30 days. Remarkably, it can fully charge in just 1.2 hours, roughly the time it takes to savor a cup of coffee. Designed with 14 diverse output ports and a formidable 3600W of power output, PowerMax 3600 easily meets the demands of high-powered devices. Its UPS switchover is lightning-fast at 5-8ms, 50% quicker than typical models, significantly reducing disruptions during voltage fluctuations. Moreover, PowerMax 3600 operates reliably in extreme temperatures ranging from -20°C to 55°C, assuring consistent performance in intense heat or severe cold. Durability is also key, with PowerMax 3600 boasting a battery life of up to 25 years, 45% longer than the norm. The inclusion of smart remote control offers added convenience for user management. Blackview PowerMax 3600 is more than just a power station—it’s a comprehensive power solution for home and outdoor life, engineered to deliver top-tier performance and peace of mind.

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A quick overview of PowerMax 3600 specs is up next.

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No.1 The World’s First Rugged Portable Power Station for Home and Outdoor Use!

– 0.8-Meter Vertically Drop-Proof + Splash-Proof + Dust-Proof + UV resistance + UL94V-0 Rated Fire-Retardant + Operates Reliably from -20°C to 55°C

To meet users’ demands for reliability and durability, PowerMax 3600 inherits the ruggedness of Blackview Oscal’s rugged phones, boasting excellent features. Whether outdoors or in the back of a vehicle, there’s no need to worry about damage from accidental falls, because PowerMax 3600 can withstand a drop from a vertical height of 0.8 meters. In addition, PowerMax 3600 boasts splash-proof and dust-proof features; even in desert and arid environments, it offers a degree of protection, ensuring that larger sand grains, dust, dew, or unexpected rain don’t easily penetrate the device. On the front, Blackview Oscal PowerMax 3600 is equipped with an LED light, offering six levels of illumination and can be set to flash S.O.S. and multiple light patterns for emergencies. Moreover, the casing of PowerMax 3600 is made of pollutant-free PS and ABS materials, featuring UV resistance and anti-aging properties for enhanced durability. It meets the highest flame retardancy level of UL 94V-0 and operates reliably from -20°C to 55°C. Even during those sweltering barbecue parties, PowerMax 3600 demonstrates exceptional stability and safety, ensuring that outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy their activities without any worries.

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No.2 Outstanding and Versatile Output: 57,600Wh for up to 30 Days of Usage, Even Achieving Electrical Grid Independence

– 100% Modular Design + 14 Well-organized Output Ports + Charge up to 99% of Essential Devices + up to 30 Days of Usage

To meet the power needs for camping, backyard parties, and home outages, as well as the specialized demands of off-grid living, PowerMax 3600 boasts a 100% modular design with 14 well-organized output ports to satisfy up to 99% of essential devices. If you encounter a low battery situation with your electric vehicle while traveling outdoors, PowerMax 3600 can provide about 23 kilometers of driving range for your electric car, such as a Tesla, ensuring you can reach the nearest charging station. With the addition of two extra BP3600 batteries, the energy storage of PowerMax 3600 further increases, reaching a total capacity of 10.8 kWh, capable of dealing with more severe power outages and even providing up to 69 kilometers of driving range for your electric vehicle. If you add another 15 extra BP3600 batteries, you will have the ultimate home power solution, supporting up to 30 days of electricity usage at a daily consumption of 2 kWh. Coupled with the use of solar panels, users can even achieve long-term independence from the grid.

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No.3 Record-breaking 1-Hour Fast Charging, Aiming to Continually Foster a Future of Renewable Energy

– Up to 7 Different Charging Methods + Record-Breaking 1-Hour Charge from 20% to 100% + up to 4,665 kg Carbon Emissions Reduction + up to $40,320 over 25-Year Usage Lifespan

Blackview Oscal is committed to fostering a future of renewable energy. PowerMax 3600 offers up to 7 different charging methods and taps into the existing green energy infrastructure and technology, such as solar panels, water turbine charging, and wind turbine charging. This enables users to effectively harness the power of natural resources anywhere. On sunny days, PowerMax 3600 can be charged from 20% to 100% in just 1.8 hours using solar panels. By combining electrical power with solar energy, it takes a record-breaking 1-hour to charge from 20% to 100%. Furthermore, PowerMax 3600 is adaptable to generator charging, ensuring stable voltage and quieter operation for user peace of mind. The design of PowerMax 3600 contributes to combating climate change and can reduce carbon emissions by up to 4,665 kilograms over its lifecycle, potentially saving up to $40,320 over 25-Year usage lifespan. Whether the need is for continuous domestic power, professional work support, or enhanced comfort in off-grid living, PowerMax 3600 provides an ideal charging solution for various devices across different scenarios.

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No.4 Longer Lifespan and Strengthened Safety, Up to 25 Years of Usage Time

– Eco-friendly LiFePO4 Battery + Four 243,200mm³Smart Temperature-controlled Fans + 24/7 UPS System Running 50% Faster Than Others

To ensure safety and extend the lifespan of the device, PowerMax 3600 adopts eco-friendly and sturdy lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, which perform excellently. These batteries can maintain up to 80% of their capacity over approximately 3500 charging cycles or up to 25 years of use. PowerMax 3600 is also equipped with an advanced Battery Management System (BMS), which ensures the optimal performance and normal operation of the battery by real-time monitoring of current and voltage, setting extreme temperature protection, and short-circuit prevention. When the device temperature reaches 55°C, PowerMax 3600 issues a high-temperature warning and automatically powers off when the temperature rises to 58°C, ensuring user safety. To more accurately monitor temperature, PowerMax 3600 employs four advanced temperature sensors that detect temperature changes within a mere 100 ms. In addition, PowerMax 3600 is equipped with four 243,200mm³ smart temperature-controlled fans, which effectively lowers PowerMax 3600’s operating temperature by up to 40°C, thereby avoiding potential risks such as explosions or fires during operation.

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It’s worth noting that to ensure continuous power supply for users’ appliances during power outages and prevent food spoilage or data loss, PowerMax 3600 features an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system. In the event of a power interruption or blackout, the UPS of PowerMax 3600 can immediately take over the power supply within 5-8 ms(50% faster than others), ensuring that the food in the refrigerator remains fresh and preventing data loss on computers due to sudden power interruptions. Moreover, PowerMax 3600 provides continuous power to wireless routers, ensuring stable home network connectivity, and can even supply continuous power to CPAP machines for medical treatment. This way, during power outages or unstable power grid conditions, essential electrical devices in the household can still function normally, ensuring the continuity of life and work.

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Other Highlights

– Hassle-Free Design, 10% More Sensitive TI Chipset, Ensuring Safety and Comfort

To make it easy for users to haul around, PowerMax 3600 is designed like a rolling suitcase, equipped with a telescopic handle and two wheels. Even when carrying the hefty 98-pound PowerMax 3600 up and down stairs or loading it into a vehicle, two large and sturdy side handles provide a safe way to transport it. The LCD display on PowerMax 3600 allows users to easily see the remaining battery percentage, current output power, and the estimated battery depletion time based on current power consumption. With a screen brightness of 1000 nits, PowerMax 3600 remains clearly visible even under the sun. The buttons on the panel are larger and 10% more sensitive(TI Chipset) than those on typical power stations, making them easier and quicker to use. For remote control, users can connect to PowerMax 3600’s output interface via built-in Wi-Fi and wireless BT capabilities and control it via a dedicated app.

After-Sales Support & Local Service Centers

Once launched, products are estimated to reach users within 7-10 days. Blackview Oscal commits to a 4-year warranty, providing round-the-clock online support and numerous offline service centers. Stay tuned for more information.

PowerMax 3600 is set to launch on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo on Jan. 10, 2024, PT. Pre-order now for $50 and enjoy a discount of up to $1699. Click here to claim yours!

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