DEERC H16R Brushless 1:16 4×4 RC Truck review – a tiny speed demon

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REVIEW – Continuing a streak of DEERC RC car reviews, this time I have the DEERC H16R Brushless 1:16 4×4 RC Truck in to check out. Both of the previous DEERC RC cars have been a blast and are holding up well (no issues with either). This new H16R RC truck appears to be a slightly cheaper model while still offering high speeds and metal components where it’s critical. I keep volunteering to try new ones, because they are the perfect gift for many of the nieces and nephews in my extended family. I’ll give it a spin and report my findings!

What is it?

The DEERC H16R Brushless 1:16 4×4 RC Truck is a small remote control race truck. It’s capable of high speeds and has large tires and a good suspension to be able to tackle all sorts of terrain.

What’s in the box?

deerc h16r rc car 12

  • DEERC H16R Brushless 1:16 4×4 RC Truck
  • Wireless remote control
  • USB-A charger
  • 2x 7.4V 1500 mAh batteries
  • Screwdriver
  • Wheel removal tool
  • 4x extra body clips
  • Wheelie bar and installation screws

Hardware specs

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  • Motor: Brushless 2835 3550KV with an aluminum heat sink
  • ESC: 35 amp waterproof
  • Shocks: Oil filled metal
  • Drive system: metal four wheel drive
  • Drive time: up to 40 minutes total (20 per battery)
  • Top speed: 32 mph / 52 kmh
  • Adjustable throttle: two settings: 70% and 100%
  • Battery: (x2) 7.4V 1500 mAh

Design and features

deerc h16r rc car 03

The DEERC H16R Brushless 1:16 4×4 RC Truck is a small remote control truck with large tires. The thin plastic shell is clipped on top and protects the motor/ESC/battery while providing the cosmetic look of the top end of the remote control truck.

deerc h16r rc car 04

From the front you can see the clips on the “hood” a bit better, as well as the front profile of the truck. It has a fairly low center of gravity, and the large tires provide great grip on most surfaces.

deerc h16r rc car 02

From the top you can see the back clips and the shape of the truck from above.

deerc h16r rc car 07

The drivetrain is metal and 4WD, which makes for great acceleration and control while driving. I’m also much less worried about the car failing from a minor wreck or two with the key components made out of metal.

deerc h16r rc car 10

Removing the four clips on top and pulling off the body shell reveals the innards. On the left (in the image above, it’s actually the right side of the car) sits the battery, held in place by a strap. Note the two cables coming out of it, one is for charging and the other to connect to the ESC. On the right is the ESC and the motor, which are weather resistant so if there’s a bit of rain or puddles you can keep driving, though it’s not rated for submersion.

deerc h16r rc car 08

The shocks are metal and oil-filled, which is always nice to dampen wobbles, especially at higher speeds. You can also see the wires running to the front light bar.

deerc h16r rc car 09

The small red button on the side of the ESC unit is the on off button, which you simply have to hold. This is fairly easy to get your finger to, even with the top installed.

deerc h16r rc car 11

The remote is similar to the other RC cars from DEERC that I’ve used, except for the throttle trim. You have steering control via the large wheel, throttle is the trigger, and then there’s a 3 way switch (on-70%-100%) which regulates the truck’s power. On other DEERC cars this power/speed limit is done with an analog dial, which I prefer. The 70% setting is still plenty fast, to where I wouldn’t want to let a younger child try it out for fear of crashes or injury.

deerc h16r rc car 06

Charging either included battery is as simple as plugging in the USB-A charger. It is quite large though, so if you have other USB ports adjacent you might not be able to use them at the same time. LED lights indicate charging status and show when it’s complete.


My first test drive (above) was done before I’d installed the wheelie bar on the DEERC H16R Brushless 1:16 4×4 RC Truck. I didn’t think I’d need it after the last two DEERC models I tried out (which would pop up their front end a bit but rarely pulled a full wheelie). This one needs the wheelie bar installed if you’re going to go full speed (it’s a simple 4-screw add on that you attach to the rear bumper). Without it, you’ll have some fun loss-of-control moments like in my video above.

I found the DEERC H16R Brushless 1:16 4×4 RC Truck to be very nimble and quick. Its grippy big tires are the hardest to drift for me so far, the other models like to spin out when I apply full throttle in a turn, while this H16R model simply makes the turn instead. On dirt you can pull some fun donuts, but on pavement it’s like a little race car rather than a drift car. If you’re looking for a fun little RC truck that has a high top speed and crazy acceleration, plus the ability to tackle non-pavement surfaces, then you might have found the one!

What I like

  • Very fast acceleration and top speed
  • Good suspension and tires
  • Good battery life

What I’d change

  • Analog throttle trim instead of just 2 settings – I love this on the other DEERC cars I’ve reviewed

Final thoughts

deerc h16r rc car 01

The DEERC H16R Brushless 1:16 4×4 RC Truck was a lot of fun to test, and I’m excited to gift it to a lucky niece or nephew soon. It’s faster than I expected, with great control/braking/acceleration, and the long battery life which makes for a lot of fun.

Price: $109.99
Where to buy: Amazon (Save 5% off with code: 5TGTH16R)
Source: The sample of this product was provided by DEERC.

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  2. Hello

    I just bought the Deerc H16R it’s fantastic.

    I was wondering if you have any idea to help with sourcing spare parts for it especially the plastic cover.

    Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Zino Michael, I’d imagine you’d need to contact Deerc for replacement parts like the plastic shell cover. Some of the small screws and other parts could be found at hobby shops or hardware stores, but I’m guessing the body shell is custom from Deerc for this particular model.

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