Mobile Edge Alienware Vindicator 2.0 Backpack and Neoprene Sleeve review

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REVIEW – Buying a new laptop is a big deal for me, as it is for most people. I spend months doing research, reading reviews, and trying out laptops in stores. Once I finally settle on my choice, it’s a good bet that I’ve spent a lot of time AND money on that pick, so my next purchases usually consist of various items designed to protect and preserve my expensive new investment. I recently bought a Razer Blade 15″ laptop so, despite the brand discrepancy, I jumped at the chance to review the Alienware Vindicator 2.0 Backpack 15″ and Neoprene Sleeve 15″. The $74.99 Vindicator 2.0 is a cavernous, well-designed backpack great for carting my laptop and its various accessories around. Coupled with the $28.71 Alienware Neoprene Sleeve, I feel confident that no harm will come to my beloved new tech. I reviewed the 15″ laptop versions of these two products, Alienware makes 13″ and 17″ versions as well.

What is it?

The Alienware Vindicator 2.0 Backpack (15) is a very durable three-sectioned backpack specifically designed to hold and protect 15″ laptops and other electronic accessories like tablets and power supplies.

The Alienware Neoprene Sleeve (15) is a small case/sleeve that will hold and protect your 15″ laptop. It has an integrated handle and zippered pouch and can be used alone, or dropped into the Vindicator 2.0 for added protection.

Design and features

The first thing I did when I received my Vindicator 2.0 and Neoprene Sleeve was to make sure that they play nice together.

Turns out they work perfectly as a team to protect my laptop in transit. A laptop secured in the Sleeve fits fine in the laptop section of the Vindicator 2.0.

The Vindicator 2.0, like most Alienware products, has a nice high-tech futuristic look to it.

The lines are sleek and the outer shell is made of a textured high-density nylon. The Vindicator 2.0 is all black with bright teal highlights and a teal and grey interior.

Embossed in the high center of the pack is a glossy metallic version of that very recognizable Alienware head logo.

There’s a bit more branding on the back panel, rubberized letters spelling out Alienware. I like that the branding isn’t overpowering on the Vindicator 2.0.

The shoulder straps on the Vindicator 2.0 are padded and comfortable and include a chest strap.

The Vindicator 2.0 has adjustable upper shoulder straps as well, which isn’t common on all backpacks and they’re great for adjusting to a comfortable fit.

Some of the extra design features I love about the Vindicator 2.0 include the small zippered pockets integrated into the sides of the straps on the backpack.

I also love this ingeniously hidden water bottle pouch.

The mesh pouch is there when you need it and tucks up into its own zippered pocket when you don’t.

The Vindicator 2.0 has three main sections, the back-most section is for storing your 15″ laptop. This laptop section has a nice textured fabric to protect your laptop from scratches as well as a separate pouch for holding a tablet or phone.

The tablet pouch has a faux fur-lined interior to protect vulnerable screens and glossy plastic or metal exteriors.

The middle section of the Vindicator 2.0 has an open folder pocket section as well as a huge zippered mesh pocket.

The zippered mesh pockets, which are also found in the front section of the backpack, stretch to accommodate all kinds of random gear you may need to stow.

The folder pockets are great for magazines or school binders and expand for extra storage.

Additionally, a great added feature is found at the bottom of the middle section.

The entire folder and mesh partition can be unzipped and removed from the Vindicator 2.0 entirely.

The zipper surrounds the section and once undone, the whole section panel can be removed.

Once removed, the interior of the Vindicator 2.0 becomes absolutely massive. If you frequently carry lots of bigger items, this a great option to have.

To reinsert the panel, simply locate the zipper at the bottom of the section and zip the panel back into place.

The front-most section of the Vindicator 2.0 has a bunch of smaller mesh pockets, a section for credit or business cards, pen holders, and two great little slots for holding USB sticks.

Another great feature of this section is an elastic loop and tie, useful for securing keys or headphones or any other oddly shaped items.

Of all the features of the Vindicator 2.0 though, my favorite is the included power supply bag.

The bag is included with every size Vindicator 2.0 and is made for storing all those unwieldy power cables and bricks that come with every laptop.

The bag has a stylish little Alienware logo and boasts a rubberized breathable mesh interior.

This great little bag is spacious enough to hold even the biggest power brick and has an attached carrying strap attached as well. I love that this bonus bag is included with the backpack.

The Alienware Neoprene Sleeve is just as sturdy and useful as the Vindicator 2.0 Backpack.

The Sleeve is adorned with the same glossy metallic Alienware logo.

And the backside of the Sleeve has rubberized type spelling out Alienware.

The zippers are sturdy and have bright teal highlights matching the Vindicator 2.0. I would’ve preferred if the zipper pulls on the Sleeve and Vindicator 2.0 were a bit larger, but it’s not a deal breaker.

The handle attached to the Sleeve seems very well stitched and increases the functionality of the Sleeve from just a sleeve to a mini carrying case as well.

The interior of the Sleeve can fit any 15″ laptop with plenty of room to spare and the fabric is thick enough to assuage any fears of an expensive laptop getting damaged while inside.

A great feature of this Sleeve is the exterior zippered pouch. It’s big enough to hold a mouse or a smaller power supply if needed.

What I like

  • Sturdy construction on both the Vindicator 2.0 and Neoprene Sleeve
  • Included Vindicator 2.0 power supply bag is a great addition
  • Massive storage in both the Vindicator 2.0 and Sleeve
  • Love the zippered pouch and handle on the Neoprene Sleeve

What needs to be improved

  • Would’ve been nice to have bigger zipper pulls on both
  • A few long time users reported stitching failure, but only time will tell

Final thoughts

I really like both the Alienware Vindicator 2.0 Backpack (15) and the Neoprene Sleeve (15). The Vindicator 2.0 has a lot of great design features, like its included power supply bag, and this backpack is absolutely massive on the inside. For the price of $74.99, the Vindicator 2.0 stands out compared to other similarly featured computer backpacks. I also totally dig the features of the Alienware Neoprene Sleeve. I like that the Sleeve is of sturdy construction, will protect my laptop, and can work with the Vindicator 2.0 or on its own. The integrated handle and zippered pouch make the affordable price of $28.71 even more attractive.

Price: $74.99 / $28.71
Where to buy: Mobile Edge and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Mobile Edge.

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