The Cosmo Communicator is every mobile device you will need in one compact package

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NEWS – As a self-confessed nerd, everyone that reads my news stories knows that I am a sucker for gadgets. I am also pretty much “tied” to my smartphone and tablet, and my entire home runs on some sort of technology for most tasks that can be handled by technology. Every day on my commute back and forth to work, I carry my iPhone and iPad in my backpack and during the commute, I am on one or the other. While the apple environment does integrate devices and allows you to answer a phone call on the iPad, I wonder if there is a newer technology device that marries both devices into one much like a device I once saw called a Phablet.

The Cosmo Communicator is touted as the complete mobile communication tool that provides a pocket computer, mobile phone, and camera all in one compact device. It features a keyboard, a world-wide dual-SIM mobile phone and can be used for emails, messaging, editing documents, making calls and taking photos. Its specifications include a dual-display: an external 2″ touchscreen when the device is closed and large 6″ touchscreen when the device is open, a high-resolution 24MP camera, 6GB of ram and 128G of flash storage, along with NFC for payments, a fingerprint sensor and a smart toggle button for security and control.

The crowdfunding for the Cosmo Communicator ended on December 6th, 2018, and managed to raise 453% of the intended fundraising goal. You can read more about this device on their Indiegogo page. It should start shipping in June of this year(2019) and should retail for around $570.

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6 thoughts on “The Cosmo Communicator is every mobile device you will need in one compact package”

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  2. First “real” innovative design I’ve seen in a smartphone, since the first one.
    I do like the keyboard idea too. I always have a wait and see mentality when it comes to something “radically” different, so we’ll see how this plays out later this year, but I DO LIKE IT.

  3. Great find Julian.
    I love it. I was initially going to complain about this not being up to your usual standard (loads of great pics, indepth testing and loads of personal takes and opinions) but it is still a prototype.
    I wish it could do “windows go” (that windows 10 version) though because I don’t feel Android gives the full pc effect (for me).
    Maybe we should wait to hear what hardware it runs. Perhaps we can flash windows onto it in the future.

    1. Hi James,
      Keep in mind that this is a news story and not a review, so the article won’t contain all of the pics and opinions and bells and whistles that you like. But stay tuned!! Maybe I will get lucky and get to review one. 🙂

      1. I look forward to that.
        Might change my opinion that no one wants a thick Android with a keyboard. Reminds me of the Nokia Communicators and the Ericsson R380 (which I still want to own).

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