Spin your vinyl with the RokBlok – no turntable required!

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Just when you thought vinyl technologies were played out, Pink Donut brings us this fascinating little gizmo. The RokBlok is a self-contained record player that spins around the surface of the record, no turntable required! 

The unit is completely self-contained and wireless; you can play the music through the onboard speaker, or connect to your headphones (or full-size stacks) via Bluetooth. At a total weight of 3.2 ounces with vinyl wheels, it won’t harm your records. It will also play singles, EPs, or LPs at 33-1/3 or 45 RPMs.

It looks like this started as a Kickstarter, and is now available on preorder for Fall delivery at a retail price of $89.00. Check it out at RokBlok.co.

3 thoughts on “Spin your vinyl with the RokBlok – no turntable required!”

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  2. This ridiculously overpriced gadget looks like a perfect way to ruin your beloved vinyl records. Sheesh! What kind of fiendish mind thought this thing up?

  3. About 40 years ago there was one on the market that was modeled after a VW Bus from the hippie era.
    First time I saw one was on the Johnny Carson show and I think there was one on Pawn Stars

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