Leashpod – Because carrying your pet’s poop stinks

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The worst part about walking a dog has got to be the ole poop, scoop and carry. I actually think my dog enjoys seeing me carrying his waste throughout the neighborhood and I’m sure he secretly delights in seeing me fling it in the air as I return a friendly wave from a neighbor because my hands are full.  The embarrassment and smelly inconvenience stops here.  The Leashpod has a hook on it to connect any leash, a scented bin to quarantine the steamy mess, and two pockets on the sides to hold your keys, dog treats, money, cell phone or whatever.  When you’ve found a trash bin and it’s time to dispose of the dung, you simply pop open the mini bin and out it goes…no need to touch it!  It comes in two sizes for small ($34.95) or large ($39.95) dogs and has different wraps so you can pick the look that suits you and your pooch.  This Kickstarter project will be funded at the end of March and shipping will begin in April.  Check out the Kickstarter campaign or visit the Leashpod website for more information on pricing, sizes and colors.

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