Julie\’s on vacation, and I am on my way to Mobius. We\’ll be back Monday – Have a great weekend!

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11 thoughts on “Julie\’s on vacation, and I am on my way to Mobius. We\’ll be back Monday – Have a great weekend!”

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  2. WOW!!!

    They shouldn’t have brought this product to the US, it’d be better if they tried this in a 2nd world country, ie parts of Mexico or South America. This is the dumbest looking new watch I’ve seen that acts like a notible gadget. This is a good example of how people are trying to make a fast buck. I can explain how simple it is to make this thing is, but no need.

  3. Remember the Casio calculator watch from the 80’s? There was also a calendar watch. Nice combo here but just as nerdy.

  4. I have to confess, upon reading this review i desparately wanted a calculator watch again, just like when i was little.
    But then again, i dont recall them being terribly water or shock resistant, which is what i need considering i work in a consistently about to break or spring a leak cafe. :-/

  5. Carly,

    Don’t give up. I bet that there is a calc watch out there that is shock and water resistant. It will just cost a bit more than $14.

    Judie :0)

  6. well, the brando watch inspired me, and i found a calc watch on ebay for 9.99…
    if i dont win this one, theres others…no biggie. and even though its not water-resistant it will be a nice test run, to see if i need a calculator on my wrist and need to invest in the uber-strong swiss army version.
    (i bet i can find a reason. and i defintiely need a watch that will survive sticking my hand down a clog made of espresso grounds.)
    this site is contributing to my geekiness and excessive impulse buying.

  7. Actually, there were several touc hscreen watches in the 80’s.. Look here 🙂

    My favorite computer watch so far has got to be my trusty onhandPC. Love the thing. I can’t wait to get one of the fossil palm watches too.

  8. It doesn’t look good for the new Fossil watches. They keep postponing the release date. I think I just read that they may not even release them at all now. I think I’m more interested in the SPOT watches from Microsoft.

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