Semson\’s & Co. CF to PC Card Adapter Review

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Product Requirements:
Device with a CF Slot or CF Sleeve

A short while ago, I purchased an HP Jornada 567 and added it to my gear
list.  I also purchased the PC Card adapter and extra battery. 
With it, I am able to use my Toshiba 2GB PC Card hard drive, my 802.11b LAN
Card, as well as a number of other PC Cards.  While this is a great
solution, it does represent a few problems.  The PC Card adapter prevents
the Jornada from sitting in its cradle.  You can’t sync or charge the
battery with the sleeve attached to the device.  The PC Card Sleeve also
occupies the CF Card slot, preventing its use while the sleeve is connected to
the unit. 

While I am not going to go into a long tirade about the virtues and
shortcomings of the Jornada PC Card adapter, I will say that while it does do
what its supposed to, It could to it better.  When Julie approached me with
the possibility to write a review of the Semsons & Co. CF to PC Card Adapter, I
saw it as a perfect opportunity to have the best of both worlds.

The Semsons & Co. CF to PC Card Adapter is a standard CF Card with a
flexible, rubber PC Card "slot."  You insert the CF Type 1 unit into your
CF slot and then a PC card into the rubber adapter end, and you should be ready
to rock and roll.  While just about any Pocket PC compatible PC Card should
work with the adapter, Semsons and Co. have a known
Compatibility List.  It
lists all of the known compatible PC Cards that work with the adapter, along
with links to required drivers. 

The Semsons &
Co. CF to PC Card adapter and my Toshiba 2GB PC Card Hard Drive

The best way to work with the adapter, is to first insert it into your CF
slot.  After the card is firmly seated in your CF slot, insert your PC Card
into the rubber adapter.  As long as your PC Card works with Pocket PC , you
shouldn’t have any problems.

The Semsons &
Co. CF Card Adapter in my Jornada 567.

In practical use, the adapter functions well.  However, you should
exercise some caution.  As you can see below, the weight of the card makes
the rubber adapter fold over the back end of the device.  For cards like my
2GB PC Card hard drive, I wouldn’t suggest using the adapter.  While the
Toshiba PC Card hard drives are well engineered and are shock resistant, I’m personally not comfortable using this card with
the adapter. 
I’m afraid that the card will flop against the back of the device and get

The weight of
the card naturally causes the rubber adapter to bend backwards

I tried using my Orinoco 802.11b Wireless LAN card with the adapter, and
after the driver was installed, everything worked like a charm.  I also
wasn’t as worried about it getting knocked about while I used the device. 
Because it folded over the back of the device, I was able to wrap my hand around
it and the device at the same time.  While I could do the same thing with
the PC Card hard drive, in my mind, its just a little more delicate than the
wireless LAN card.

I also tried to use my Type 3 Verbatim 250MB PC Card hard drive.  It fit
inside the rubber adapter end, but Pocket PC didn’t have a driver for it, which
surprised me.  It uses a standard ATA driver, the same, I thought as the
Toshiba card, but didn’t.

All-in-all, I was very pleased with the adapter’s performance.  Semsons
& Co. continue to update their compatibility list, so if you don’t see your card
listed, don’t fret none.  It will likely work.  However, if it
doesn’t, Semsons will refund your full purchase price upon return of the
adapter, so you really have nothing to lose.  You should also know that as
of this writing, Semsons & Co. are offering the CF to PC Card Adapter for
$25.99, a $9.00 discount.  If you’re still undecided, drop me a line, or
join us in the Discussion Forum.  We’ll do our best to put your purchasing
concerns at ease.

Price: $ 34.99

Use your PC Cards in a CF Slot

Limited Compatibility
No Protection for your PC Cards


Product Information

Manufacturer:Semson's & Co. Inc.

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