The new Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the nicest looking smartphones ever to be created. So why would you want to cover it up with a generic plastic case that adds bulk, and takes away from the aesthetic of the phone? One case that protects the phone without detracting from its beauty is the Full… Read More

Since getting my Apple Watch, I have used it regularly for months for day to day activities. Now that winter is over, tennis season has started up, and with that, more physical activity that could potentially damage my expensive watch. With the Catalyst Case for the Apple Watch Series 2, I was able to set… Read More

I know everyone seems to be batting their eyelashes and drooling over the Samsung S8 and S8+ right now, but there's another very nice phone that shouldn't be overlooked - the LG G6. If you opted for G6 instead of a Samsung and you've been looking for a rugged case to keep it protected, the… Read More

"That's the coolest MacBook cover I have ever seen! Is that real stone?" This was the comment I received in my first meeting after setting up my new Cover-Up laptop Stone Skin. Yes, it is cool. And yes, it's real stone. Cover-up sent me two covers for this evaluation, they are unlike anything I have… Read More

Of all the tools, toys, gadgets, etc., my cell phone is the one device I couldn't survive without. I'd sooner get rid of my car than my cell phone. That may seem extreme, but my phone functions as my calendar, camera, music player, photo album, and GPS; not to mention, I occasionally use it to… Read More

The Jet Black iPhone 7 and 7 Plus sold out very quickly when Apple announced the new iPhones a couple months ago, but it didn't take long for sad news to start swirling about how easy it is to scratch that gorgeous finish. If you are a lucky Jet Black iPhone 7 owner and want… Read More

Just Mobile has released a self-mending case for the new iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus called TENC - The Emperor's New Case.  This case is made of polycarbonate material with self-healing smart coating, and protects your new iOS device around the edges.  The TENC case is available for various iPhone models as well as the… Read More

Wireless earbuds are great because they are... well... wireless! But one negative thing about them is that they require charging. That means that the minute you want to listen to something, they probably need to be recharged. Of course, you can just recharge them often, but it's sometimes tough to remember do that. A solution… Read More If you have a smartphone, then you also have a smartphone that has fingerprints and smudges on the screen. It's unavoidable when the screen is made of glass and are fingers are dirty and greasy from all manner of reasons. Yuck. If you're like me, you probably turn the phone over and rub the… Read More

Modularity appears to be the latest trend in new smartphones. The LG G5 did it earlier this year with its unique slide in camera, battery and DAC. Now more recently, Motorola is taking a run at modularity by adding that feature to their new Moto Z phones with replaceable back covers, speaker, and a projector… Read More

Whenever I look like I need help carrying things, which is quite often apparently, I tend to hear, "Hey, let me help you with that!" My snarky response if I have the situation well under control is, "C'mon, I could do this with a baby on each hip, but thanks for asking."  Sometimes it turns… Read More

The Minecraft wolf can be a vicious creature until you tame him; then he'll fight to the death for you. Bring that same fierce protection to your iPhone 6/5/5s, iPad mini, or Samsung Galaxy S5. This ThinkGeek exclusive, officially licensed Minecraft Wolf Character Case is made of silicone and has a lip on the front… Read More

I'm a klutz. That's no good especially when carrying a $650 phone. I must have dropped my previous phone a dozen times on concrete, but thanks to its slim military standard drop tested Candyshell Speck case, it didn't suffer any damage. When I upgraded to my present phone, a Nexus 6, I was going to… Read More

If Dad likes old-school, automatic-winding watches, he'll want a way to keep them wound and ready for wearing.  The Leather 2 Watch Winder is a leather-covered, glass-topped box with room to display two watches and keep them dust-free.  The interior stand rotates the watches over 4300 times a day to keep them wound, with 20-minutes… Read More

Even though my iPad Air 2 has louder speakers than any other iPad I've owned, it's still not capable of room-filling sound.  The Sound Cover from onandoff promises to increase the sound of an iPad Air or Air 2 by up to 400%.  The Sound Cover snaps on over the front of the iPad to protect the… Read More