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Walletex Wallet Flash 128MB Flash Drive

USB Flash based memory drives come in so many shapes and styles these days, it’s almost hard to remember the time when every computer didn’t have a USB port and a floppy disk was the most convenient way to transfer files between computers. Considering that USB ports are the only type port common to every …

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The Jimi Wallet

Are you the type of guy (or even a gal for that matter…) that carries an over stuffed wallet in their pocket (or purse)? Do you cram your wallet full of receipts, money, business cards, credit cards, scraps of paper, etc? If you answered YES to either of these questions, then it just might be …

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Auto Card Manager (ACM) Review

Product Requirements: A person that carries many credit cards and wants to keep them organized It would be kind to say that my mom is not a very organized person. She keeps her credit cards loose in a pocket of her purse, amidst receipts and various denominations of bills. She’ll have me order things for …

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Targus Leather Wallet Review

Product Requirements: Device: All Palm III series, V series, & m100 models, All Handspring Visor Models, Sony Clie, and the HP Jornada 548 The Targus Leather Wallet is done in a traditional book style, with an added bonus of coming with a removable business card case. The main body of this wallet is done in …

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