Wicked Lasers Nexus 95mW

Just how geeky are you? Do you happen to have a laser pointer in your gadget bag or drawer? Ok, give yourself 5 geek points. Do you use this pointer for tasks other than pointing out mundane details during presentations at your day job? Give yourself 5 more geek points. Do you pester your cat by shining the laser on the floor beside it, to get him to chase the tiny point of light like some type of alien rodent? Ok, no points for that, because that’s just mean ;o) Can your laser beam its dot up to 38 miles and burn holes in black trash bags? I didn’t think so… I win!

Sega Toys HomeStar Planetarium

When I was a kid, I remember my Dad having this large Yellow Celestron telescope. He was very proud of that telescope and had a special foot locker that he kept it in. The thing was that I think he only actually used the scope maybe once or twice. It was difficult to find a place where lights from houses and street lamps would not ruin his star gazing attempts. One of the times that he did go out, it was in the middle of Winter. So he came back home late at night about half frozen. Hmmmm… fun. NOT! That’s why I had to think of him, when Brando asked if I was interested in reviewing the Sega Toys HomeStar planetarium.

Rainbow Maker

It doesn’t take much to entertain me when it comes to geek toys. Some times the simplest products can be the best products. So, what do you get when you take a solar panel, a prism, some gears and a suction cup? You get the solar powered Rainbow Maker. Available from Lazybone, this little gadget …

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Potan Poton

Last week I reviewed the iFish and this week I’m taking a look at another silly, but fun little gadget from Brando’s toy shop. This time around it is the Potan Poton from Tomy. I was told that the name refers to the sound that water makes when it drips. While that reference won’t be …

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Sega Toys iFish

And now for a review of a product that is both wacky and different. The iFish from Sega Toys, the same people that brought us the iDog. I wasn’t too sure what I would have to say about this combination speaker and robot pet thingy when Brando asked if I would review it, but I …

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Mist of Dreams Fog Lamp

I first saw one of these things on display at the local fair. They were asking $50 to $150 for sets like this, and I thought they were REALLY cool, but not $That$ cool. So I decided look them up on Ebay later that day and took some pics with my camera phone (I’d never …

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XenoFreaks PIX Sports Multi-Function Sports Light

Product Requirements: Two 3V CR2032 Batteries Sometimes it pays to blend in with the crowd and not catch any unwanted attention. However, there are some times when getting others’ notice is exactly what is wanted, whether it be for safety or individual expression. For those that have the need of high visibility with a twist, …

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Original GeoMag / GeoPanel Magnetic World Review

Okay, I know that this may be bordering on the “Too Much Information” threshold, but I’ll confess that when I was a kid, I loved magnets. Not many things would make me happier than coming across an old speaker that I could dismantle to remove its magnet disk. Ball bearings were the other thing that …

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PixelBlocks Translucent Building Blocks Review

Product Requirements: Too much time on your hands…and you must be over the age of three – preferably over the age of six When I was a kid, I loved building things. As I progressed through childhood it mattered not whether the medium was wooden blocks, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, or eventually Legos and my …

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CanDroid Review

Robot fanatic? Bendable action figure maven? Junk art connoisseur? If you can identify with any of these titles, then you will probably get a chuckle from the CanDroid robot construction kit toy from Hogwild. This metal kit gives you all the parts necessary to build a retro looking robot thingy that will stand guard over …

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UberOrbs Review

  Ready for a cube toy that is unique, weird and addictive? UberOrbs (recently renamed from Magnetoids) will be the first item your co-workers will pick up when they visit your desk. What are they? They are two highly polished, elliptical shaped magnets that are made of a of smooth ceramic or glass like mineral …

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