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Lamy Twin Pen Review

The Lamy Twin Pen available at StylusCentral is a two tip writing instrument manufactured by Lamy the well known German writing instrument maker. The Twin Pen has a stainless steel body with a matt finish which is nice because it doesn’t show fingerprints. However the shiny pocket clip does show fingerprints… as well as scratches. …

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E&B iPoint Stylii for the Handspring Visor and Palm V

iPoint Visor Styli E & B Company has 2 new styli for the Handspring Visor; the iPoint VSR and iPoint VSR with pen. Both styli look exactly the same from the outside. They are made of brass, with a titanium finish, and have blue highlights. Both have a white stylus tip. Both styli have a smooth writing tip. They …

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Autopoint Stylus+ 4-way Review

  PRODUCT UPDATE: We recently did a review on the STYLUS+ 4-way from…the model we did a review on contained a pencil as part of the pen (pencil, stylus tip, ink, ink)…the pen is now available withOUT a pencil (stylus tip, ink, ink, ink).   The Stylus+ 4-way from is a pen/pencil/stylus that …

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PDA Panache Palm V Custom Deluxe Stylus (P55) Review

The Palm V Custom Deluxe Stylus (P55) from PDA Panache is a replacement for the original plastic or metal/plastic styli that came with your Palm V. The P55 comes in either a silver chrome or black chrome finish. Both are durable electroplated finishes and look good in the Palm V stylus slots. I personally prefer …

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Rotring Quattro-Pen Data Review

The German company Rotring has created a 4-in-1 instrument called the Quattro-Pen Data. Rotring has been producing high quality writing instruments since 1928. The Quattro-Pen Data is a stylus, pen, pencil, and highlighter in one slender package. The body of the pen is metal and the finish is matte black. At the top of the …

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