Palm OS Database Comparison Review

The PalmPilot is a perfect information gathering/lookup device. A good way to take advantage of this fact is with a database program. Databases let you collect and view data.  There are several available ranging from freeware to commercial. I’ll be reviewing all of them. Let me know if I have overlooked any other database programs. …

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Application Launchers for Palm OS PDAs Review

What is one feature that we love most about Palm OS PDAs?  Customization! If there is a feature we don’t like about the Pilot, then chances are someone has written a program that fixes what we don’t like. Third party application launcher programs are one such feature that has fixed what we don’t like about …

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T9 Keyboard Review

What makes the Palm OS PDAs so great is that virtually everything about them software-wise can be modified via 3rd party add-ons, or replacements.  The T9 keyboard by Tegic Communications is one such program. The T9 keyboard replaces the built in QWERTY style keyboard.  The T9 (which stands for “Text on 9 keys”) product isn’t …

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