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Griffin AirCurve Review

Have you ever wanted to amplify the sound of your iPhone, but didn’t want to spend a bunch of cash on a speaker system? Or maybe you’re trying to be as ‘green’ as possible, and don’t want to make your carbon footprint larger with yet another device that requires batteries or AC power… If either are the case, then Griffin’s AirCurve might be a viable solution.

Secure Information Keeper software for the iPhone and iPod Touch

With the nearly endless number of usernames, passwords, web logins, bank accounts,
credit card numbers, software licenses, and other sensitive/personal data everyone
has to have these days to keep up in the digital age, I long ago turned towards
a secure/encrypted password manager. It is the ONLY way I can keep track of
all the electronic accessibility and critical information I need to keep with me 24/7.
Plus the fact one must keep personal information secure with the constant threat
of identity and cyber theft, I do not see how folks can live without a (mobile
&/or desktop) program like these.

Wine Log – iPhone Software Review

This review was not on my to-do list. But I thought this iPhone application was so imaginative, well thought out and useful (at least to me) I had to write a quick review on it. My wife and I enjoy trying different wines, rarely focusing on any particular one. And as the story goes, we can never remember what we have and have not tried. And on those rare moments we do, we have no idea whether we liked, loved, or hated it.

Electronic Arts Sudoku – iPhone Game Review

Sudoku is a hugely popular puzzle game that I’ve admittedly really never given much of a chance. When
Electronic Arts asked if I would like to review their new iPhone and iPod Touch Sudoku game, I knew that If I agreed, I’d finally have to try to get into this game in order to give the review a fair shot. Let’s see if this game has turned me into a Sudoku fan.

Richard Solo Backup Battery for iPhone / iPod Review

The Smart Backup Battery for iPhone / iPod by Richard | Solo is a great accessory for those who travel or need additional power for their iPod or iPhone during the day. It is definitely small and light enough to have in your laptop bag whenever you leave the house… just in case you need a little extra juice on the fly.

XtremeMac Incharge Auto FM Transmitter Review

Is your car missing an auxiliary input for audio? Yeah, mine too. If you tire of listening to the same tunes on the radio, you have two choices for playing your audio player’s tunes through your car speakers. If you have a cassette player in your car stereo, you can use a cassette adapter. These are easy to use and very inexpensive. The only issue with them is the face that the spindles spin while music it is being used, causing extra noise. Yuck. The other alternative is to use an FM transmitter. If you have an iPod or iPhone, the Incharge Auto FM transmitter from XtremeMac is one such solution.

Griffin ClearBoost iPhone Antenna-boosting Case Review

Are you an iPhone owner that lives or works in an area that has weak AT&T GSM coverage? I’ve had some issues at Gadgeteer HQ (my basement office) as well as my desk at my day job. Seeing a ‘no service’ notice at the top of my iPhone’s screen can be quite annoying, so I was very curious when the folks at Griffin Technology asked if I would like to review their ClearBoost Antenna-boosting case.

Griffin iPhone Wave Case Review

Cases for iPhones are a dime a dozen in as much as they are all pretty much alike in design and function. I don’t envy companies that sell these products as it has to be very difficult to come up with ideas to make their offerings unique enough for consumers to take a second look and ultimately make a purchase. Today I want to show you the Wave case from Griffin Technology. Let’s see if it is different enough to catch your eye…

Altec Lansing inEar Earclips-S iPhone Headphones with Microphone

A comments to my recent review of the Maximo iMetal iPhone Headsets suggested that I might want to try a similar iPhone compatible headset from Altec Lansing. Jody, a PR person for them, saw that comment and emailed me asking if I might like to try their inEar Earclips-S model iPhone headset with microphone. I said I would be happy to, and a few days later, a package from them arrived in the mail.