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Classics2Go iPhone eBook Reader App Review

Electronic Books (eBooks) are huge news these days. From the Kindle to Barnes & Noble’s latest offering, portable readers are the news of the day. While some think this is the wave of the future, I have come full circle from my non-comvergence stance: At some point in the future, there will be a single …

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The Oberon Design Kindle Cover Reviews

Today Judie of GearDiary and I are going to give you our impressions of the Oberon Design Kindle Covers. My comments are in Blue Italics and Judie’s comments will be in Black. Like many who own an Amazon Kindle or Kindle 2, Julie and I have grown to greatly enjoy the convenience of carrying our …

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Read The Gadgeteer on your Kindle

If you have an Amazon Kindle, you can now subscribe to The Gadgeteer to receive all the latest reviews and news automatically delivered to your wireless ebook reader. There is a subscription price of $1.99 per month (Amazon set this price, not me), but hey, it’s just one more way to keep up with your …

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M-edge Kindle Covers Review

If you recently purchased the Kindle 2 e-book reader, you might have been surprised to find out that Amazon failed to include any type of protective case. If you remember, the original Kindle included a cover. A lame one, but it was better than  nothing. Luckily, it didn’t take long at all for cases and …

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Amazon Kindle 2 Wireless E-book Reader Review

The last time I read an ‘analog’ book, was… ummmm… Wow, I can’t even remember. I’ve been reading e-books on my PDAs and now smartphones for years now. I think the first device that I recall reading on was the Palm V. I love being able to carry a bookcase of books in my pocket. …

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Amazon Kindle Waterfield Cases

It usually isn’t long after the arrival of a new gadget that accessories start to show up. Like many other gadgets, the Amazon Kindle comes with a basic cover to protect it straight out of the box, leaving the creation of more elaborate and fashionable cases to third parties. Recently, Waterfield Designs became one of the first companies to introduce cases for the Kindle, in three different designs.

Amazon Kindle

A couple of weeks ago, Amazon made a huge media splash with the introduction of the Kindle, their entry into the field of e-book hardware. With bundled wireless access to its online store, a keyboard for searching, and Amazon’s clout in the publishing industry, the Kindle is not quite like any of the other e-book readers available today. But how does it actually stack up, and will it bring e-books to the masses who have never used them before?

Sony Portable Reader System PRS-500

As an avid reader, I’ve long been a fan of e-books. Nothing is quite the same as a paper book, of course, but for convenience it is hard to beat carrying a small library in your pocket. While PDAs are probably the most common e-book reading platforms, there are also a few devices which are dedicated to them. The Sony Reader is one of them, and is the first dedicated e-book reader to appear in mainstream shops. It is also one of the first of a new generation of e-book readers that use “digital ink” displays which attempt to provide a more paper-like viewing experience. Does the Sony Reader do that? Read on to find out.