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Garage Laser Parking System Review

I love anything that helps me maximize space in my house especially in those areas where space is somewhat limited, as is the situation in my garage. We essentially have a 2-1/2 car garage but with a full-size sedan and a mini-van plus my tools, kids’ toys and other miscellaneous items space can become sparse rather quickly.

Weiguo Solutions Spotlight LED Flashlight

Last year I reviewed the Coast LED Lenser Auto LED (TT7575), a nifty little LED flashlight specifically designed to fit in your car’s 12V power port (cigarette lighter socket). Like anything that is new and useful, imitations start to appear. Today I want to show you the Spotlight LED flashlight from Weiguo Solutions. Let’s see if this little flashlight is either a lame copy of the original, or a much better version.

Southwing SH505 Bluetooth Headset and SC310 Bluetooth Car Kit

As of July 1st, Washington State is mandating the use of hands-free devices
while driving. This law makes it illegal to have a cellphone up to your ear
while driving a vehicle. So Bluetooth cellphone accessories are becoming more
and more the rage (when little old ladies are wearing them at the shopping mall,
you know a technology has left geekdom and hit the mainstream). Southwing
has created several in-the-ear and hands-free speakerphone car kit options enabling
you to focus on driving while talking on your cellphone. In this article I will
be reviewing one of each type by Southwing, the SH505
Bluetooth headset
and the SC310
Bluetooth car kit

Delphi NAV200 GPS

The NAV200 Portable GPS Navigation from Delphi is a GPS device that will not only help you arrive at your desired destination, but it will also provide some extra features when you aren’t using it to guide your travels.

Coast LED Lenser Auto LED (TT7575)

How many of you keep a flashlight in the glove compartment of your car? Ok, now how many of you ever remember to charge / change
the batteries in those flashlights regularly? Me neither. Kind of defeats the purpose of having it there in the first
place doesn’t it? ;o) Coast Products has just come out with the Auto LED (TT7575CP). Sent to me by Discount LED Lights and Knives, this is a cool little LED flashlight for your vehicle that is always
juiced up and ready for use because it stores in a 12V cigarette lighter socket and charges while your car is running.

Lancetta C-Car Smart Keychain

If you have ever driven a car, I think you’re going to appreciate the gadget that I’m going to tell you about today. For under $10, this little device will help you find your car when you misplace it in a parking lot. And don’t tell me that’s never happened to you before because I know better ;o)

FineDigital FineDrive M300 GPS

I knew that GPS units weren’t just for gadget geeks any longer when I found out that my Dad bought one for his car a few months ago. Don’t get me wrong, Dad loves gadgets. But if they aren’t easy to use, he gives up and returns them quite promptly. I was surprised when he actually kept the GPS (Garmin). I’ll admit, that it’s been awhile since I had the opportunity to test drive (ha!) an in-car navigation system. That’s why I was happy when the folks at FineDigital contacted me about their new FineDrive M300 GPS.

HitchSafe Key Vault

This story is funny now, but when it first happened I was really upset…
A couple years ago, I was at the ranch making my rounds – checking water and making sure that the cows’ feeders had ample salt and minerals. I had brought my dachshund Trixie along for the day’s ride, and at one of my stops I had to get out and fix a trough float that was unseated and overflowing.
I didn’t turn the truck’s engine off. As I had hundreds of times before, I just hopped out with my tool box and left Trixie in the truck while she watched me through the window.
This truck had automatic locks and as it was a hot day, I had left the windows up with the air conditioner running.

ABT iJet iPod Accessories

I recently opened my mailbox to find a package from a company named ABT
(Advanced Bridging Technologies). Opening the box revealed 3 iPod accessories. One specifically for the Apple Nano and two for any iPod with a docking connector. I’ve had a chance to put each of these products through some good old gadgeteer testing and will share my experiences with you.

Speck Products MobileTune iPod FM Transmitter

Have you ever noticed that a lot of FM transmitters on the
market these days, don’t blend in very well with the interior of
most vehicles. Their design tends to be too flashy or wacky for my
personal taste. I don’t know about you, but I tend to prefer that
my vehicle accessories look more like OEM parts than something that
came from the bargain bin of AutoZone. That’s why I was pretty
amazed when I came home the other day to find a package from
Speck Products. Inside
was the MobileTune FM Transmitter for the Apple iPod.

DLO | TransDock micro All In One Car Solution for iPods

Over the years I have reviewed quite a few FM transmitters that were compatible with just about any portable music player. But today I am going to take a look at my first FM transmitter made to complement all versions of the Apple iPod specifically. Conveniently enough, this transmitter will also work with any audio …

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