Aliph’s Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

When you’re a gadget geek like us, it’s always a quest to find the perfect mobile phone, PDA, computer, gear bag, stylus, etc., etc. It goes on and on and on. We’re never satisfied. We’re constantly searching out the best device and accessories. That’s the way it has been for me with Bluetooth headsets. While I’ll admit that I don’t really use one all that often, I still want the most comfortable and best sounding one I can find. And hey, if I really could find one that matches both of those criteria, I might just use one way more often. Well I’m happy to report that I think I’ve found the holy grail of headsets with Aliph’s Jawbone Bluetooth headset.

Tekkeon ET6000 ezSpeak Handsfree Bluetooth Speakerphone

I think most of us will agree that using handsfree solutions for talking on our mobile phones is much more convenient than not using a handsfree solution. Especially while driving. Fumbling with a phone when you are supposed to be focusing on the road is dangerous to you and others. But for one reason or another, not all of us like using Bluetooth headsets to remedy this problem. Now there is another solution to consider. Tekkeon’s ET6000 ezSpeak Handsfree Bluetooth Speakerphone can be clipped on your car’s sun visor, or used it in the office to make and receive calls with your Bluetooth enabled phone.

Cardo Systems scala-700 Bluetooth Headset

Ever since my review last year, my favorite Bluetooth headset has been Cardo Systems scala-500. This inexpensive headset is light weight, comfortable and easy to use. It’s not flashy like a lot of the latest headsets, but it gets the job done without making you sound like you are standing at the bottom of a well. Now Cardo Systems has a new headset: the scala-700. Let’s check it out.

Bluetake BT400GL Bluetooth Headset

I want to start out by saying that I typically do not use a Bluetooth headset all that often. I’m not one of those people that you see in the grocery store walking around with a blinking plastic blob hanging out of their ear. The only time I really use a headset is when I’m driving to and from my day job. The headset that I’ve been using for awhile now has been the Cardo Systems scala-500. I’ve found this headset to be both comfortable to wear and easy to use. A few weeks ago, Bluetake approached me to see if I might like to test the BT400GL.

Oakley O ROKR Sunglasses

Wifi and Bluetooth-capable devices and peripherals are everywhere nowadays, and “going wireless”, or having a “wireless lifestyle” seems to be on a lot of our minds. It is not uncommon to see people on the commute, or people in their cars going hands-free throughout the day wearing their Bluetooth headsets being tethered invisibly/almost magically to their cellphones. Whatever your reason for needing Bluetooth in your daily life, Oakley brings you a full dose of it in their $249 O ROKR sunglasses.

Cardo Systems scala-500 Bluetooth Headset

My search for a comfortable, easy to use, good sounding
Bluetooth headset to pair with my Treo 650, may have come to a
quick end. At least until something else comes along… After
reviewing 4 headsets in the last few months, I recently learned
about the Cardo Systems
scala-500 from one of my gadget buddies at my day job (Hello
Taire!). He highly recommended it, so I decided to test one out for

Tekkeon ET3000 ezTalker Digital Bluetooth Headset with OLED Display

I have grown spoiled by the tiny size of the Nextlink Bluespoon AX2, but there are certain features that such a diminutive headset will never be able to provide – such as caller ID and the ability to view other details that can only be shown on a display. Today I am going to take a look at the Tekkeon ET3000 ezTalker Digital Cord-Free Headset, a Bluetooth headset that boasts an impressive list of features, not the least of which is its bright OLED digital display.

CellPoint Flamingo Bluetooth Headset

I have been on a quest to find the most comfortable Bluetooth headset on the market. After reviewing a handful of contenders, my current favorite has been Tekkeon’s ezTalker Mini. I was told by one of our readers that I needed to definitely check out CellPoint’s Flamingo headset. I took that person’s advise and obtained a sample, which I’ve been testing for the past week or so. Has it turned out to be more comfy than the Tekkeon? Keep reading to find out.

Tekkeon myTalker ET7000

I’m sure you’ve lived this scenario… You’re listening to your
iPod through headphones or earbuds, and your cell phone rings. The
first thing you probably do is pause the music on your iPod,
disengage from the earbuds or headphones, put on a Bluetooth
headset, or just answer the phone. What if there was an accessory
for your iPod that simplified this process dramatically? There is
such a product: The myTalker ET7000 from Tekkeon.

ANYCOM Blue Stereo Headset BSH-100

If I had to make a choice between earbuds and a set of in-ear earphones, my choice would be the latter because I have not yet found a set of earbuds that fit me well. But for true comfort, I will probably always prefer a full headset. Think old school headphones…the classics that had donut …

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Tekkeon EZ2000 ezTalker mini Bluetooth Headset

In the past few months, I’ve been on a quest to find the best Bluetooth headset for my Palm Treo 650. So far I’ve reviewed 2 headsets, which include Bluetake’s BT400 G5 Bluetooth headset and the Gennum nXZEN Plus 5500 Bluetooth headset. Unfortunately, neither really worked out for me, so I’m back with another review. …

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CoPilot Live GPS Navigation System

Many new cars come with GPS navigation systems. But what if you don’t have one? Adding it might not be practical-perhaps you drive more than one vehicle, travel and rent often, or just don’t want an expensive piece of electronics permanently and visibly stuck to your dash. Today’s smartphones and PDAs are powerful enough to …

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Gennum nXZEN Plus 5500 Bluetooth Headset

My first Bluetooth headset review was of Bluetake’s BT400 G5 Bluetooth headset. Like most products, there were things I liked, and things I didn’t. But now that I have a little experience with headsets, I’m ready to do review #2. This time I’ll be looking at Gennum’s nXZEN 5500 Plus Bluetooth headset. Wow, that was …

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Bluetake BT400 G5 Bluetooth Headset

I’ve recently become interested in Bluetooth headsets. Why? Two reasons mainly. The first reason is that my phone of choice right now is the Treo 650. It’s not the most svelte of phones… Being able to keep the phone in my bag or pocket, while holding a conversation is preferred to holding it in my …

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