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RoadWired Skooba Satchel

One of the first things that happened after walking into Seattle’s Edgewater Inn for Mobius 2005, was that I ran into Jason Dunn from Thoughts Media at the check-in desk. “Nice Skooba,” he said as he pointed to the model he was wearing and then pointed to mine, “I bought the same one for my …

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Crumpler Karachi Outpost Backpack

Sometime back in May or June I decided to try a different approach for my photography business. Rather than the traditional portrait stuff, I decided to see if I could make a nickel selling action shots. So far my little endeavor ( seems to be paying off pretty well. Anyway, getting round to the point, …

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Bumbakpaks Urbanomic Hamptons Bag

You’ve got to love a bag from a company named Bumbakpaks. Come on, it’s just fun to say. Bumbakpaks, bumbakpaks, bumbakpaks. Ok, now that I have that out of my system, I can tell you about their Urbanomic Hamptons Chocotango bag which the company refers to as a messenger bag. But to me it looks …

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Slappa Velocity PRO Laptop Backpack

I have been reviewing Slappa DVD and CD cases since last year, and in that time I have found them to be the best portable audio-video storage solutions I have ever used. Slappa’s attention to the smallest storage details – and the quality materials from which they make their cases – sets theirs apart from …

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Tom Bihn Super Ego Messenger Style Laptop Bag & Brain Cell

Back in 2001 I got the brilliant idea of buying a laptop that would replace my desktop, which resulted in the purchase of the Gateway DS Solo 9550 XL. In case you didn’t catch it, the “XL” is on the end of that name for a reason; that laptop was a beast. Measuring about 13″ …

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Think Tank Photo Speed Freak Beltpack Review

  When a photographer friend told me that new camera bag company Think Tank Photo was allowing professionals and serious amateurs to test drive its products, I had to jump at the chance. The test drive gives certain photographers a month to decide whether they want to purchase the bag or send it back. Think …

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