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Tom Bihn Imago Bag and Accessories

The concept of Yin and Yang has been around for centuries. A simple
definition would be that “Yin and Yang” is a term used to describe
interdependent opposites, such as male and female, light and dark,
or hot and cold. The Tom Bihn Imago marks the first time I have
seen this principle of complimentary opposites used to describe a
messenger bag…well, one that didn’t have the well known black and
white symbol plastered to its front, anyway. And yet, there is a
very good reason for the company to have chosen Yin and Yang to
describe their new bags.

Tom Bihn Aeronaut Maximum Carry On Bag & Accessories

When Darcy, the VP of Marketing at Tom Bihn, wrote asking if I
would like to take a look at their new Aeronaut Maximum Carry On
Bag, her offer couldn’t have come at a better time. My family was
in the process of getting ready for our California vacation, and I
was in the midst of a bag quandary. I was planning on bringing the
usual heavy load of travel electronics, along with a Fuji laptop
and my new (and as yet mostly unconfigured) DualCor cPC. As I
started gathering all of my gear together, it was quickly becoming
obvious that my regular bag was not going to comfortably handle the
oversized load.

Bagaboo Messenger Bags

My daily gear bag for the past 9 months has been a Timbuk2 messenger bag that I designed using their Bag in a Box kit. This is the bag that actually turned me on to messenger style bags in the first place. Even though I’ve been happy with the Timbuk2 for quite a while now, I still find that I’m always on the lookout for one that has more pockets, better features, materials etc. Guess what? The Timbuk2 is going bye-bye because I recently discovered Bagaboo Bags.

Ducti High Voltage Messenger Bag

Ok boys and girls, gather round because it’s time for another gear bag review! I am a total gear bag freak, so I never tire of trying new ones. The latest one to grace my shoulder is the Ducti High Voltage Messenger Bag. If you’ve not heard of Ducti, they are the same company that brought you the now famous duct tape wallets. The High Voltage Messenger Bag isn’t made of duct tape though, it’s a multi-pocketed canvas bag with an urban style.

Lap Sack Perfect Tote Laptop Bag

I have never really considered myself to be that picky about any of
my gear or laptop bags – just…particular. I know what I need, I
know how I like to organize my gear, and I don’t like to be locked
into someone else’s vision of how I should manage my stuff. My
perfect laptop bag will look feminine, but not too girly; it will
have well organized pockets, but not so many that I can’t find my
gear. It will be well made of quality materials so that it can
endure years of use, and it will be stylish without being too

Mobile Edge Milano Tote Laptop Bag

It wasn’t long ago that I reviewed the Geneva Tote Laptop Bag, an experience which marked my introduction to Mobile Edge’s reasonably priced offerings. Today I am going to look at their very popular Milano Tote, a bag that is so popular it seems to be continuously sold out on their site as well as that of several suppliers.

Civilian Lab Business Class LT Harness System Bag

I have always loved pockets. At six, I swore off jeans as their pockets couldn’t hold the quantity of stuff that I wanted. Although I have since taken jeans back up, albeit after a decade long protest, I continue to be fascinated with ever better means of storage. Not long ago I stumbled upon the …

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MEDIUM Design Group Deployment Messenger Bag

It’s no secret that I love items with a slight militaristic flavor, and it is common knowledge that olive green is one of my favorite clothing colors. That’s why when it was offered, I was eager to review the perfectly colored and fabulously styled MEDIUM Design Group Deployment Messenger Bag. At first glance, the Deployment …

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Crumpler Breakfast Buffet Laptop Bag

When I think of well-designed, stylish laptop bags that are made from quality materials, there are a couple of names which always come to mind: Tom Bihn, RoadWired and Waterfield. Well, now I can add Crumpler to that list. Crumpler bags should be somewhat familiar to Gadgeteer readers because Julie and I did a joint …

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Slappa BulkHead PRO 4.1 Laptop/Travel Bag with Trolley

Every time I travel somewhere on an airplane, I have to make the decision about what gets checked and what will be carried through one or more connections. There are certain things that I must have with me at all times, items like my wallet, PDA, mobile phone, some snacks, various charging cables, my camera …

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