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eCam Review

Program Requirements: Desktop: Windows 95 System Configuration: Pentium 75mhz or faster Bi-directional Parallel Port, (ECP for optimal performance) 16MB RAM min. Sound card, microphone, speakers. Enough free disk space to store your videos. The eCam from Newcom Inc. is a desktop digital video camera that you can use to take videos, and email them to …

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CVideo-Mail Pro Review

Discontinued Product Program Requirements: Desktop: PC with a Pentium processor and an available PCI slot. Windows 98 or 95 Minimum 16mb RAM 4mb disk space from CVideo-Mail Sound card (SoundBlaster compatible) CDrom Monitor capable of viewing 256 colors CVideo-Mail Pro is a software/hardware solution for sending video email to anyone, including family, friends, co-workers,etc. CVideo-Mail …

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