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Droid Eris vs. Droid

Tomorrow marks the launch of Verizon’s first two Android phones. I have spent over a week with the Droid, but have only had the Eris for a couple of days. Since Verizon decided to call their first Android phone the Droid, and add that name to all successive Android phones, I will be referring to …

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Day 3: Android Basics on Verizon’s Droid

I attended the Verizon Wireless Gadget Happy Hour last night. This is the event that the local Verizon reps distributed the Droid’s for. Besides returning the Droid, my other requirement for having the device to play with, was to bring it to this event. I was there to share my experience, and the phone, with …

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Android 2.0 Officially Announced

The Eclair is coming. Yes, they are continuing the naming trend (Cupcake, Donut and now Eclair). It is officially announced on the Android Developer site. Some of the key changes: Support for multiple e-mail and contact synchronization (sounds a little Web-OSy). Quick Contact feature that looks to streamline selecting email/phone/sms. Exchange support without an add-on …

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enTourage eDGe DualBook Reader / Netbook

People who have an interest in reading ebooks but who want a multi-functional device may be interested in the enTourage eDGe device.  The eDGe closes like a book, and it has a 9.7” (measured diagonally) e-Ink screen on the left and a 10.1” (diagonal) 1024 X 600 pixel color touchscreen on the left. The eDGe …

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An eBook Reader named Alex

This is how I like to start a Monday morning, with a fresh new gadget. Today Spring Design has announced a dual screen eBook reader that is powered by Android. It’s called Alex. Why? I have no clue… It features a 6″ monochrome E-Ink EPD (electronic paper display) display and 3.5″ color LCD display. It …

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