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Apple eMate 300 (Blast From The Past) Review

Product Requirements: Device: PC or Mac with CD-ROM Drive LocalTalk or RS-232-compatible serial connection A new crop of PDAs have just been released, and yet another are being groomed for a fall launch – but is the latest and greatest gizmo always the best? As I have already made my PDA purchase for the near …

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Aquapac Products Review

If you are someone that is content to sit inside and never leave the comfort of your easy chair and chip bowl; you will most likely never need any of these products.  For those that actually manage to get out and enjoy an active lifestyle (even if it’s only once a year while on vacation) …

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PocketBible Review

Program Requirements: Device: Microsoft Windows-powered Pocket PC (Windows CE 2.0 version also available) 400 K free RAM PocketBible by Laridian Electronic Publishing is a full featured Bible study/reading application for your Pocket PC. Instead of carrying around the actual books, this program will allow you to keep multiple Bibles right on your Pocket PC. The …

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RPG (Role Playing Games) for Palm OS PDAs Review

Do you secretly wish you were an elf or wizard? Do you love games where you have to figure out puzzles and explore scary dungeons? Well it sounds like you need to install some RPGs (Role Playing Games) for your Palm Pilot. An RPG is a game where you become a character that has certain …

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Official Gadgeteer Hands On Review: by David Lection Last date revised: 03/25/99 Just when you thought handheld gaming was just about dead… Well Tiger Electronics didn’t think so, in fact the Tiger is hungry and it wants to eat Nintendo’s dinner in the up for grab handheld game market! Tiger has introduced the … Review Read More

Palm OS Database Comparison Review

The PalmPilot is a perfect information gathering/lookup device. A good way to take advantage of this fact is with a database program. Databases let you collect and view data.  There are several available ranging from freeware to commercial. I’ll be reviewing all of them. Let me know if I have overlooked any other database programs. …

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