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Spotlight Gadget – Bluetooth Vibrating Bracelet

This Bluetooth bracelet from Brando won’t let you miss a call when your phone is buried at the bottom of your purse. It vibrates when a call comes in and will let you answer or reject the call. It also has a Link Loss Alert Function that will cause the bracelet to vibrate when your …

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Spotlight Gadget – Wasabi Printer

Dell’s little Bluetooth PZ310 Wasabi printer is shipping. They’ve lowered the price from $149 to $99 and it’s available in Pink, Blue and Grey. I really like that this printer doesn’t use ink. But the special Zink (Zero Ink) paper is pretty spendy at 24 sheets for $12 or 48 sheets for $20. Would you …

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Gadgeteer Mail – What’s a Good Multi-pen?

Hey folks, I thought I would start up a new feature called Gadgeteer Mail. As you probably would guess, people are always emailing me asking for gadget advice. A lot of times, I can respond with info to help them, but sometimes, people ask me questions for which I don’t have a good answer. That’s …

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HP Magic Giveaway Contest – Day 15, 16 & 17

A bunch of new sites begin their HP Magic Giveaway contests this weekend. Visit them and enter their contest for more chances to win $6000 worth of computer goodies from HP and Windows Live. Friday: OSNN Slashgear Digital Home Thoughts Saturday: Study Hacks – Demystifying College Success Sunday: Digital Inspiration GeekZone The Digital Lifestyle

The Gadgeteer’s HP Magic Giveaway Contest Winner Chosen!

The wait is finally over. After 7 days and 137 entries, I can announce that the winner of our HP Magic Giveaway Contest is… Lloyd Viente and his painting “To Gadgeteer, With Love“. I picked Lloyd’s entry because he understands HP’s idea behind this contest and also what The Gadgeteer means to me and the …

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