Ryan Preston

Protectrix Automatic Garage Door Closer

Have you ever left your house, gotten a few miles away and asked yourself or a passenger in your car, did I close the garage door? Maybe you have even turned around to check, just to put your mind at ease. I know that I have. To be completely honest, I have done this numerous times. To the point that it is a running joke between my wife and I, since I often ask her if I closed the garage door.

Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro Earphones

Have you ever compared items, in general with the same basic functionality, and wonder why item “B” is so much more expensive than item “A”? The classic example, which many people can relate to, is shoes. Are the shoes marketed by a professional athlete and sold for $140 that much better than the ones sold at your local department store for $30?

Samsonite Pro-DLX Women’s 3-Compartment Briefcase

Recently my wife had to make the desktop to laptop transition for work. She received a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop with a bulky Dell backpack that she lugs home each night. The backpack works fine but it seems a bit too much for her, so when Julie gave me the opportunity to review the Samsonite Pro-DLX women’s three-compartment briefcase from Luggagepoint.com, I jumped at the opportunity.

Brando Nano Size Digital Audio Player

Apple changed the digital audio player landscape when it replaced its popular Hard Disk Drive (HDD) based iPod Mini with the flash-based iPod Nano. This shift forced competitors to launch their own version, which further propelled the demand for flash-based players and, in my opinion, altered the digital audio player market forever. One such device is the digital audio player by Brando. Let’s see how Brando’s latest audio device stacks up.

Brando USB Sunglasses MP3 Player

The proliferation of MP3 players has led to devices of all shape, size and alternative functions. There are watches, PDA’s, cell phones, key chains, and countless other gadgets that have the ability to play music so that we can set our everyday lives to a soundtrack. One such example is the USB Sunglasses MP3 Player from Brando. That’s right, digital audio eyewear that integrates an MP3 player and earphones into the frames, eliminating wires that dangle and can tangle into a mess. Of course, the primary function of the sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the sun, but let’s focus on how well they serve as a MP3 player.

DMC 8270 Audio Player Review

Product Requirements: Device: Windows 98, 98SE, ME, 2000, XP & MAC Update 3/17/05 (see comments below in red) Over the past several months, the Digital Mind Corporation’s (DMC) Xclef 500 has been my personal treadmill partner as I train for my first Indy 500 mini-marathon. It accompanies my wife on her pursuit of health through …

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