Mark Adkins

From Omaha. Into technology/gadgets, tortoises, magic, the outdoors, marriage, CPR/First Aid, and more. Married with 5 mostly grown children. Pet dog, 5 Red-foot Tortoises Tech includes Palm Centro, new HP Mini 1000XP, Fuji 4010, and lots of gadgets.

Landware’s Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide 2007 – Palm OS Utility

Let’s start with a quick quiz:

1. Do you use the Internet Movie Database site a lot?
2. Are you often involved in conversations that include questions like “What was the name of that movie? You know, the one with Norm Macdonald in it?”
3. Do you often wonder what critics thought of some obscure movie you found at the rental place because all the good movies are gone?
4. Do you wish you had a convenient way to track movies you want to buy or rent, or that you already have?
5. Do you wish you knew what the top 50 comedies of all time are (perhaps while stalking the rental place aisles)?

Advanced Brain Trainer – Palm OS Game

I’m a sucker for IQ tests and ‘brain building’ programs, which considering that I am a major idiot (at least according to my very intelligent kids) is probably a waste of time. Recently, I fell in love with the Nintendo DS game ‘BrainAge‘. This is a real tragedy since I don’t have a Nintendo. (Hmmm, this may be a sample of why my kids call me an idiot!)