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46 years young. Interests: bushwalking, photography, motorcycles, gadgets, android, music ( listening and playing ), man-bags and anything else that tickles my fancy.

Panasonic Lumix Phone 101P – Phone+Camera=Convergence?

Panasonic 101P

In my last travel article I bemoaned the fact that the single convergence device was still not a reality. Is this one step closer? Panasonic along with Japanese provider Softbank has just announced the 101P in Japan ( due post November ). Using the 13.2 CMOS Lumix sensor found in their point and shoot cameras, and packing a […]

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Travelling with single convergence (divergence) devices – Still poles apart

Convergence 1

“One Device to rule them all, One Device to find them, One Device to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.” ( Apologies to JRR Tolkien 🙂 ) Having  just returned from a three week trip to Vietnam, I was putting away all my gear and was thinking, whatever happened to a single

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ATM for Water

Sarvajal Water ATM 1

Down here in Tasmania  we’re blessed with some of the cleanest water and air in the World, however many countries aren’t quite that lucky. One in eight people in the World don’t have access to clean drinking water.  In India alone over 40 million people suffer from waterborne diseases every year. In rural India , Piramal

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Underground Garbage Disposal System Sucks

Garbage Vacumn 1

The City of Sydney Council, Australia is considering a system of high pressure underground pipes to collect garbage from inner-city homes.  Already in place in a number of European and other cities, the system can be retrofitted into current infrastructure though it is obviously easier to implement in greenfield sites. The system may mean an

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23″ Android Megapad – it’s HUGE!

Megapad 1

Martin Drashkov  has taken it on himself to hack himself a 23″ Android Tablet 🙂  Costing him around $600 with off the shelf components “devices like this will make simultaneous use by two users a practicality and will let users more fully immerse themselves in apps and games ” Won’t fit in your pocket or gadget bag though and Swypes

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Amazon Kindle 3G – The Perfect Travel Companion

wpid Kindle3g2

So I’m sitting on the Reunification Express on my way to Hue from Hanoi in Vietnam.  It’s a 13 hour trip and I need something to while away the time.  This is the third overseas trip I’ve done with my Kindle and figured why not write a quick review of how useful the Amazon Kindle

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gScreen SpaceBook – 34″ Notebook

gScreen SpaceBook 1

Packing two 17″ Full HD screens, an Intel I7 processor, 8GB of DDR1333 Ram, Webcam, 500GB Hard Drive, NVidia discrete graphics, HDMI, Super DVDDrive and Magnesium Alloy lid-frame, the gScreen SpaceBook is aimed at those users who need a portable workstation for video, photography, web design and anyone who requires a dual screen powerhouse.  Weight

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CineSkates – Get ya (camera’s) skates on

Cineskates 1

Just new on Kickstarter but already fully funded in just over a day CineSkates is a set of three wheels that attaches to a Gorillapod Focus tripod and enables fluid, rolling video in an ultra-portable package. “CineSkates can produce shots that have previously been impossible or only possible with bulky and expensive equipment. Here are a

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Makerbot Thing-O-Matic 3D Printer

thing o matic 1

3D printing is a form of manufacturing technology where three dimensional objects are created by laying down successive layers of material. Industrial 3D printers are available but aren’t the cheapest item around. The  Makerbot Thing-O-Matic is an an open source 3D printer for substantially less. Using a 3D CAD program and plastic filament you can

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Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet available for pre-order

Lenovo Tablet 2

The Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet is now up and available to “Buy Now”  on the Lenovo online store. Models available are 16GB, WiFi-only for $499 and  $569 (32GB) and $669 (64GB). Preorder now with delivery of these 10.1″ Multitouch Display (1280×800) , NVIDIA Tegra 2-powered tablets expected to start on 29th August. Preorder from Lenovo *Edit: Some confusion around

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