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Beyza Apple iPod touch Leather Cases

One of the negatives of being an early adopter of technology is the lack of protective accessories for the latest & greatest tech-toys. I started my search for a leather case immediately after buying an iPod Touch. At that time there were not many options out there. Beyza was one of the first to create leather cases for the Touch; the SlimLINE Vertical Leather Pouch and UniSR MN Lateral Leather Pouch.

Proporta Protective Laptop Sleeve

For someone as dedicated to protecting my tech-toys as I am, I carry them around
in a VERY antiquated leather bag. Which provides little to no protection for
my Macbook. When I went from a 15" to 17" laptop, I had to abandon
my old Waterfield sleeve for something that was sized to fit my new laptop.
I considered buying another sleeve from Waterfield, but decided to try something
new in form and construction. So, I decided to try the Proporta
Protective Laptop Sleeve

CallPod ChargePod Multidevice Charging System

The ChargePod
is a customizable system designed to charge up to six devices at one time. The
folks at CallPod have
done a good job of engineering a charging system for the tech-carrying road warrior.
I travel quite extensively for work and regularly forget a power cord or two. The ChargePod
system not only allows you to reduce cable clutter, but puts all your charging
needs in a small, lightweight, organized package.

LappyMat Laptop Screen Protectors

Those of you who try their utmost to keep their electronics in nice/pristine/perfect
condition should consider a LappyMat
screen protector
for your laptop. They are designed to protect your laptop
screen from the keyboard while traveling. I grant you most laptop manufactures
engineer their laptops to avoid the keyboard touching or scratching the screen,
but things happen. The LappyMats are a reasonably priced accessory designed
to reduce that risk.

Power Support Crystal Film for the 17″ Macbook Pro

Last weekend I went a bit out of control and purchased a 17″ Macbook Pro replacing my three year old 15″ Powerbook. The screen of my old Powerbook has been somewhat marred by the iSkin keyboard cover I have used since day one. The marks on the screen are only noticeable when the screen is off, so I decided not to use an iSkin again. Having learned my lesson, I wanted true screen protection for the incredibly vivid screen. A few months ago MacWorld mentioned Power Support as having one of the best screen protectors out there. So, the day I bought my laptop I ordered Power Support’s Crystal Film for the 17" Macbook Pro.

Vaja BlackBerry 8800 Classic Leather Case

Perfection. That sums up the Vaja Classic Blackberry 8800 case.
Currently, the Blackberry 8800 is my device of choice (with me 24/7). Every
cool piece of personal technology deserves a case that compliments its form
and features while protecting it from the hazards of day-to-day life. This Vaja
case does both with style & craftsmanship second to none.

Noreve Archos 604 Tradition Leather Case

I’m very careful with my tech-toys and do my best to keep them
all in pristine condition. My Archos 604 video player is no
different. The moment I decided to purchase a 604, I ordered a
Brando screen protector (so it would be here when the video player
arrived) and began looking for the perfect case. Sadly, since
Archos is not nearly as main-stream as iPods, there were few
choices…. Of the three I found (Noreve,
Proporta, and Archos), Noreve looked to be the
best of the lot.

Speck Products Active-Sport Armband for the iPod Nano

This is the second Nano sports armband review I’ve done. The first review was on the Nike Sport Armband which has done an excellent job holding my Nano during my running. That being said, my initial impression of the Speck Active-Sport armband for the first generation Nano was that it was too big and bulky. But after using it several weeks it has grown on me enough to replace my Nike armband. An added bonus of the Speck armband is that it includes a sensor pouch to hold the Nike+ sensor.

Vaja RI61 Blackberry 8700 Classic Pouch

The Vaja Classic Pouch for the Blackberry 8700 has been my most anticipated case in quite a long time. This was primarily due to the fact that my stock belt-clip holder has been broken for some time now and the clip was rubbing/marring my device. While being very utilitarian, this horizontal ‘pouch’ has all the Vaja style and craftsmanship that we have come to love & expect.

Vaja RI052 Blackberry 8700 Case

I know that I am repeating myself in the cases I review, but their
quality is unmatched. I’ve had a Vaja case to protect almost every
handheld I’ve owned. All very stylish and unmatched in quality. The
Vaja RI052 Blackberry 8700 case is no different.

Nike Sports Armband for the iPod Nano

Along with being an avid tech-guy, I’m a diehard runner. Over the years I’ve found the right shoes, clothes, music player, and accessories are important for an enjoyable run. My current mp3 player is the iPod Nano that I used in conjunction with an old Nike armband that was held in-place with velcro. It was …

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