Adam Scinto

Complete and utter gadget freak; I've always been unable to resist a nice shinny object with blinkin' lights and buttons. If it has switches and dials too, even better. Professionally I'm a systems engineer, specializing in the Macintosh platform. I spent 5 years at Apple and then a couple years at a cross-platform remote engineering company. I'm currently looking for my next opportunity.

Nokia’s Maemo Masterpiece – The N900

We’ve been seeing some ‘reviews’ of this device, but nothing official from Nokia until now. Nokia has now announced the N900 and it will be running the new version of Maemo. That’s the operating system the N770/n800/n810 have been using; it’s the ‘other’ operating system for Nokia besides Symbian. On the OS topic, there’s been …

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‘New’ 3G iPod For Sale at Apple Store?

I thought this was a joke, but Joachim Bean at The Unofficial Apple Weblog actually ordered one. Although it says 5GB ( yea, 5 GigaByte ) on the Apple store page, the receipt he received says 10GB. Did they find a shipping crate of these in some warehouse? Why would they suddenly offer them for …

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ColorSplash iPhone Photography App Review

Besides being a revolutionary phone, the iPhone is also my best camera. Not the best because it’s the highest megapixel camera, or has a great zoom lens (or one at all unfortunately), but simply because it’s the only camera I always have with me. So one of the best surprises on the iPhone 3GS was …

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