PackTidy keeps your shirts from getting crushed and wrinkled in your luggage

NEWS – You take your nice, crisply-ironed dress shirt, carefully place it in your suitcase for a trip, and pull out a wrinkled mess when you get to the hotel.  You’ll have to iron that shirt again before your meeting tomorrow – unless you’ve packed your shirt in a PackTidy Shirt and Tie Commuter Travel Organizer.

These PackTidy shirt organizers are molded from high-quality EVA to hold a single shirt and necktie and are designed to protect the collar from being crushed.  The hard-shell case measures 14″ x 3″ x 11″ and fits inside luggage, a carry-on, or even a backpack.  They come with a folding board with instructions for easy shirt folding.

Amazon has the PackTidy Shirt and Tie Commuter Travel Organizer in brown for $23.99 or gray for $29.99.  Other websites, like Walmart, eBay, and, have them, but usually offer them only in brown at higher prices than Amazon.

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    I found it strange that the PackTidy would charge more for the gray container versus the brown one. They appear to be the same, save the color. I couldn’t understand why.

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