Apple SD Card reader now supported by iPhone


In a nod to the on-going increase of using iPhones for photo editing and photo management, Apple has today released a new version of their Lightning to SD reader. According to Dan Moren at Six Colors, the new cable will support all previous iPads with Lightning ports, as well as iPhones going back to the iPhone 5. The new version, designed with the iPad Pro in mind (the device, not the user style) also supports the new iPad’s USB 3 connection speeds. (In case you’ve not noticed, there are pins on both the bottom and the top of the iPad Pro’s Lightning connector, giving it enough connectivity to support the new standard.)

I was unable to find the old part number, but the new one is: MJYT2AM/A. The old one has been removed from the online store.

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6 thoughts on “Apple SD Card reader now supported by iPhone”

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  2. A step in the right direction, but I wonder if they’ll release a Lightning to USB Camera Adapter that’s compatible with the iPhone.

  3. Looks like it’s actually an update included in iOS 9.2. One of the improvements is listed as: “- iPhone support for the USB Camera Adapter to import photos and videos”

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