Vessel Inc.’s Tempo Time Tags


On any given day, I usually have my pick between at least five methods
of telling time: the atomic clock on my office wall, the clock on my computer,
my wristwatch, my PDA and my mobile phone. Even with all these time telling
options available – or maybe I should say that in spite of them, Vessel Inc.‘s
Tempo Time Tags
still managed to catch my eye.

Perhaps it was the simplicity of the product that grabbed my attention…

Time Tags are just slightly longer than 1" long, almost 0.5" wide,  0.3"
thick and they weigh just 0.1 ounces. They are composed of a stainless steel "U"
with a plastic body and overlay to protect the classic LCD screen. Time Tags
manage to look retro, yet futuristic in their simplicity.

The Time Tag’s plastic body holds the electronics required to run the clock.
The backside of the stainless steel "U" makes a tension clip which allows the
tag to be attached to any thin material…

…such as a shirt sleeve, collar, pocket, notebook cover, bag strap,


Time Tags do nothing but tell the time in twelve-hour increments. There is no
date option, no twenty-four hour option, no alarm, no stopwatch, countdown, or
anything else offered; just the time.

Setting the Time Tag is extremely easy: just stick a paperclip, stylus tip or
any other non-sharp yet pointy object into the rubbery depression in the middle
of the back. Press in for a moment and the minutes will start to blink, hold
down and the twelve hour clock will rapidly advance. Once the correct time is
reached, just leave the Time Tag alone for a moment and then the minute numbers
will stop blinking and the time will be set. That’s all there is to it.

According to the paperwork the Time Tag’s battery can be changed, and to do
so the owner should contact
Vessel’s customer service

A Time Tag can be worn when it is not appropriate to carry a mobile phone, or
when it is not convenient to carry a PDA. If a watch does not go with a
particular outfit, then a time tag offers a discreet alternative. I can’t
explain exactly why these clips appeal to me, but they do. Perhaps because
knowing the time has become such a large part in my life, I never feel
comfortable unless I have a way to keep up with it.

Price: $18 for two
Includes a 180 day defect warranty

Discreet and simple
Will appeal to those who appreciate simple, clean designs


Will not appeal to those who prefer multiple functions from their timepiece

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  1. I’ve been looking for something like this for ages, but whenever I searched for [watch clip] google would only offer pages with “clips” to “watch”. Doh!

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