Headphones that sound as good as they look are rare. Master & Dynamic headphones are an exception. The MH40 headphones are classically designed, impeccably made and sound really good. I’m now testing their wireless MW50 headphones and am liking what I’m hearing. A full review is coming soon. That said, Master & Dynamic has taken… Read More

If you're the kind of person who has a favorite watch or watches that they like to wear on a regular basis, you may also like customizing it by switching out the watchbands. TOKYObay is now offering this watch repair toolkit for at home strap replacements and more. The kit comes with a selection of… Read More

While I wouldn't consider myself a wristwatch fanatic, I do always find myself with a timepiece on my wrist. Generally, I can be found wearing my Moto 360, but on certain occasions I like to wear a more traditional watch. Sometimes it is nice not having to worry about battery life. Plus, even the nicest smartwatches… Read More

Razer, a company known for its high-end, high-quality gaming equipment has branched out to the fitness wearables with the Razer Nabu Watch. Razer has some earlier entries into the sports band market with the Nabu X and Nabu, but the Nabu Watch is a step towards a fully functional timepiece. The Nabu Watch is basically… Read More

The Stop The Time watch by What? Watch is an analog timepiece that is available in four styles including a pocket watch. This watch pairs with your iOS or Android smartphone to let you mark the meaningful moments in your life so you will remember them later. By pressing the red button on the side… Read More

Are you a gamer? Do you long for the simpler times in gaming when Donkey Kong ruled the skyscrapers and the Super Mario Bros. ruled the sewers? We can't return to those days, but Romain Jerome has designed a way for you to wear your favorite gaming plumber on your wrist with the RJ X… Read More

While surfing around on the net, my attention was immediately arrested by this watch. The Bradley, created by the design company Eone, is a unique and professional looking watch that would look attractive on anyone wearing it, although it might be a little large for some depending on your preferences since it is 40mm in… Read More

What makes a great dress watch? Slim and lightweight, elegant simplicity, classic looks? I'd say all of the above. I've read that wristwatches are on the decline due to the proliferation of mobile phones with clocks which everyone seems to be carrying everywhere these days. But I happen to believe there is still a place for wristwatches… Read More

Tokyoflash is known for their unusual watches which require a learning curve in order to tell the time. When I saw their new Kisai Katana Link watch I was really surprised because at first glance it looks like a wristwatch with a traditional analog watch face. But upon closer inspection I discovered that the watch… Read More

The good folks at Citizen have saved my bacon this year. My dad, like most dads, does not make it easy on me when Father's Day (or Christmas or his birthday) rolls around. Last year I bought him 100ft of rubber hose for watering stuff in the yard. As you can imagine, he was really… Read More

If Dad likes old-school, automatic-winding watches, he'll want a way to keep them wound and ready for wearing.  The Leather 2 Watch Winder is a leather-covered, glass-topped box with room to display two watches and keep them dust-free.  The interior stand rotates the watches over 4300 times a day to keep them wound, with 20-minutes… Read More

I love trying out the latest in heart rate monitors, especially those that do not require straps. I currently use a Polar M400 (which Dave Rees reviewed in February of this year) with the Polar H7 Bluetooth heart sensor chest strap and they work really well, but it would be nice not to have to use… Read More

Tokyoflash Japan's newest watch is another in their line of wood watches.  The Kisai Logo Wood LCD Watch is available in maple with a mirror LCD display, dark sandalwood with a  blue LCD, or red sandalwood with a black LCD; all choices have a metallic strap.  The always-on display indicates the hour with a block… Read More

Seems like all the rage and talk recently has been about the new Apple watch and why not, it's new and neat, but what if you are looking for that unique classic watch, the kind that only tells time? The Goodwood wooden watch is a Kickstarter project that may be just what you are looking… Read More

Two years ago Fibit introduced the Fitbit Force wrist worn activity tracker. It was really popular until people started complaining about irritations and rashes while wearing the device on their wrist. The Force ended up being taken off the market when Fitbit conducted a voluntary recall in February 2014. Now one year later, the most… Read More