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Turn an iPod touch into a Phone with the MorphCase

on Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

This is an indiegogo crowd-funding project.  The MorphCase promises to turn a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th generation iPod touch into a “100% WiFi mobile phone”.  What it actually does is plug into the iPod’s headphone jack and snap around the device to add a speaker at the top for your ear and a microphone atRead More…


AntLion Audio ModMic Detachable Boom Microphone Review

on Friday, December 23rd, 2011

Can’t find a headset/mic combination you like?  Do you have a favorite pair of headphones but no mic?  Wouldn’t it be great to just add a microphone to your own headphones anytime you like?  You may remember my own attempts at using a hot glue gun to attach a microphone to my own comfy headphones…Read More…


Take Your Communications into the 23rd Century

on Thursday, March 4th, 2010
Posted in: Gear, Geek Toys, News

This USB speaker/microphone from Restoration Hardware will make you feel like you’re on the Starship Enterprise.   This communicator  looks like those used in the original series, and comes complete with beeps and nine sound-bites from the  series.  It’s 5.5 X 2 X 6.5 inches, has volume and mute buttons, and a 4 ft cable.  ItRead More…